Seven Reasons to Integrate Your App with Social Media


An app by itself is nothing more than a sleeping giant. To make use of its immense potential for your advantage, you need to integrate it rightly with social media. Social media integration in apps can do real wonders to your business, at times even much beyond your wildest imagination.

Here are a few reasons why you should integrate your app with social media:

1. Improved Functionality

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Integrating social media with an app greatly increases its functionality. There’s no better way to improve the competency of an app than by incorporating social media platforms in its core setup.

It can make the app more user-friendly by enabling additional features such as ‘mark your favorites’, ‘add to your wish list’, etc. Credibility, no doubt, is a marketing tool that lures customers to buy your product.

Highlighting popular purchases and buyer recommendations builds up the credibility level for customers and they end up making a positive decision in your favor. Studies made in this regard also indicate that people often buy favored products.

2. Integrated Social Feeds

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You can make your app the base of all your social media interactions. This can be effectively done by enabling in-app social sharing. You can integrate your app with social media to show the social feeds into your app directly. Facebook page feeds and Twitter feeds can all get built into your business app. This facility greatly enhances user convenience.

3. Better Visibility

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Every other person you meet out there has a Facebook or Twitter account. When integrated with social media, it is quite likely that many more people will happen to click on the app’s download link. They might be browsing through their social media feeds when they hit on the app link. It effectively converts into higher member conversions.

4. Better Usage

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If your app allows its users to log in through their social media account, they would be really happy and much-relieved lot. A social media login procedure ends in a couple of clicks. Moreover, they would be delighted at the thought of not having to create a separate account and would be able to start right away through their social login.

When signing up and logging procedures are simpler, naturally people will be interested in using the app. Once downloaded, it is sure to be used quite often. Since people keep making use of various social media platforms to be promptly updated with what others are doing, the usability of the app is enhanced. And the result is increased overall usage.

5. Access to Crucial Analytics Data

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Yet another benefit of social media integration in your app is that you get prompt access to useful information about the behavioral trends of your users. A better understanding of aspects such as preferences of your target audience, when exactly they are active online, etc. can help you mold your business strategies accordingly.

You can effectively make use of this vital data to optimize your campaigns and efficiently reach out to your precise target audience. Based on their online buying patterns, you can even roughly analyze what their future purchases are likely to be. Product recommendations made after such considerations will certainly be productive.

6. Easily Lure more Eyeballs

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Social media is here to stay for sure. It is indeed disastrous if the online traffic to social media sites goes unleveraged. With their huge customer base, social media channels are hubs of unending activity. Ideally, integrating your app with social media will tremendously boost its visibility. You can easily get an upper hand by streamlining your business operations after properly analyzing the current customer trends.

Moreover, it will avert the disgrace of being branded as an uncaring company. You need to have access to your customers, pay heed to what they think, and act accordingly. One of the best things that social media platforms can give your company is direct connectivity with your customers. Get the true pulse of what they feel about you and what exactly they need from you.

7. Higher Popularity

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It is a better way for an app to go viral through social media. With hundreds and thousands of users having dialogues amongst themselves, social media is the ideal platform to let your users know about new deals, offers, and every other exciting piece of information. Just initiate a viral promotional campaign on social media and it will be a great boost for your app.

Moreover, social media highlights the immense possibility of videos and snaps, which are essentially the two main sources behind things going viral. No wonder social platforms can greatly enhance your app’s visibility. Here are the apps to download videos from social media.

If you are looking for ways to boost the user base of your app, then try this strategy to integrate your app with social media. Moreover, enabling a social media login to your app saves your potential customer from the hassles of signing up and going through verification procedures in order to use the app.

Thus by ensuring easy solutions, you give your app a good push in the right direction. Social media is, no doubt, the best platform to popularize your app. Get smart and make your app a happening, virtual social hub!