Beginner’s Guide to Calisthenics Fitness Training Gears


To begin with, calisthenics training at first can be daunting. Often beginners think that this includes only their body but no equipment. That, however, is not the case at all times. There are various calisthenics fitness training gears that beginners will need to get started. You can talk to a fitness expert to get a better idea.

Some of them are as follows,

Top 4 Calisthenics Fitness Training Gears for Beginners

  • Pull-up Bar – This is essential to do pull-ups. Pull-ups can help build strength in different muscles such as biceps, pecs, and lats. A vital feature of this equipment is the overall stability. As you will use the whole body weight, it is vital to have stable bars to hold the user in position sans falling them midway of the pull-up. Else they are likely to face injuries as they fail unexpectedly, which can be annoying and nasty. Always choose a pull-up bar that is reliable, flexible, and above all adaptable to different situations. For best quality pull-up bars, visit
  • Gymnastic Rings – This is standard equipment that beginners use doing calisthenics. You can when one does bodyweight row exercises. These rings of superior quality are needed to perform these exercises as safety is prime. When you buy gymnastic rings ensure it is made of high quality such as wood and has straps of good material and are adjustable to be secure during the use. It is an excellent equipment for beginners to get started but needs balance and great strength to perform different exercises properly. 
  • Workout Mat – This is one of the equipments that YOU cannot neglect when it comes to calisthenics equipment for beginners. Workout mats are a must-have for people that are serious, to begin with, calisthenics training. These are helpful for exercises that need one to lay down or sit. Such mats are available in different colors and sizes and are simple to store. Workout mats come in various degrees of thickness, and the thicker it is, the safer it will be.
  • Liquid Chalk – This helps improve one’s grip when one performs different exercises, for instance, pull-ups. When there is a solid grip on the bar, people can perform workouts better. The chalk makes the hands less slippery, and you should apply it to those areas which will touch the bar. The chalk should be put lightly on the fingers and across the palm and not entirely on the palms. For exercises that need more grabbing and gripping, using liquid chalk will be a good step.

Making use of these four and other equipment will be an ideal means; to begin with, calisthenics exercises. Always it is vital to use such equipment with caution and ensure to use it properly. There are a couple of factors that you need to consider at the time of doing such exercises. These include the performer’s handgrip, quality and material of equipment, how to use the equipment, and the area or space they exercise.