A Complete Guide to Phone Systems for a Small Business

Phone Systems for a Small Business

Every business needs a business phone that can handle complex tasks, such as customer service and call routing for the call to reach the right person. This is why a business phone system is a good investment, especially for small businesses that are starting to gain more customers.

As your business gains more customers, it will start to grow, and your communication will become more demanding. Phone systems for small business can help your business grow. For many businessmen, working with a call center in the Philippines is one of the best options. However, if you want to be hands-on with every detail of your business, investing in tools and equipment is a must. 

Capabilities of a business phone system

Business phone systems offer different features, flexibility, and security that your business needs. Moreover, it provides essential tools for your employees to help them stay connected to become more productive.

Some of the essential features of a business phone system are the following:

  • Voice to Email will send voicemails straight to your inbox. It will allow you to listen to any voicemail coming from your customers and employees anytime, anywhere, so you can take the right action as soon as possible.
  • Auto-attendant can transfer calls through a voice menu system. This can save your business as all calls will be answered through call center automation without the need for a telephone operator or receptionist. Hunt group sends the incoming call to the right contact person. Once the customers make the call, they will be given some choices regarding their call, and the system will direct them to the relevant phone line based on their preferences.
  • Music on hold will keep the caller on the line while waiting for the right person to answer their call. This would help your business to potentially lose a customer due to unattended calls.
  • Mobility will allow you to utilise all the capabilities of a business phone desk using your mobile device. This will enable you to take your work anywhere you go.
  • Conference calls can hold virtual meetings on the phone with your employees over a high-quality conference call functionality.
  • Call recording will record calls that could serve as a verbal contract. This will also help your business resolve disputes from the customers and defend your business in case an irate customer files a lawsuit.
  • Call Accounting saves all your phone records, cost, and usage using specialised hardware or software.

Types of business phone systems

The business phone system has a few different types that are suitable for different types of business. These are Multi-line, PBX, VoIP, and Cloud-based. These phone systems differ in technology and cost in the service provider. Other communication functions from one type can be replicated to another. However, the cost can do so drastically.

The type that is commonly used in small businesses is the multi-line system, as it is relatively basic. This type of phone system is reliable and mostly found in professional offices. It is an excellent device to unify communication and keep in touch with your customers.

Some providers can offer hybrid solutions where you can use both the traditional and VoIP types, allowing you to enjoy the best benefits offered by both types.

Phones have become the biggest part of businesses. It helps you communicate with everyone in the office, and most importantly, your customers. This makes phone systems for a small business an excellent investment.

All you need is to find the best provider, tell them all your needs, and let them help you identify the best system for your business.