Things to Do In Beijing 

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Beijing has been the capital city of China for more than 800 years. The beauty of the city is that it hasn’t lost its old-world charm and has retained them while including the latest technology and other important advancements. There are a lot of things you must be doing when you’re in Beijing like visiting the Forbidden City taking a tour around the Great Wall and going around other important attractions. 

  • Live the life of a Chinese

You don’t need to visit the rural areas of China to get a taste of how the traditional Chinese lifestyle is. Certain lanes in Beijing speak of the beautiful history of China. 

The houses and how they are built are those you get to see in that old Chinese folklore. One can enjoy the best and customized experiences in these Huntongs. It’s recommended to stay in these hutongs if you wish to experience their lifestyle. One could also take a rickshaw and go around visiting the Huntong zones and also take a walking tour. 

  • Try out Beijing food

If you’re a foodie, then Beijing is the best place. Some of the authentic snacks are seen being sold in carts and trucks. 

More than the famous and large restaurants, the small foot carts speak of the original local food of Beijing. The Beijing Street snacks are some of the best in today’s world. Not just in Beijing, if you visit any part of China and other Asian countries, the real taste of the local food flavour could be obtained only when you eat from the food carts and trucks. 

  • Visit the Summer Palace

The long Corridor of the Summer Palace is one of the best sites. The walkway is completely decorated and it’s more than 700 meters in length. There are about 548 columns that are studded with beautiful paintings and the beams in the corridor are extremely magnificent and attractively bright. 

The Restored Summer Palace has all the extravagant features whereas the old Summer Palace was the place used by the emperors during the Qing Dynasty. The place is completely in shambles because it was made of wood and history speaks that they were all burned down so only the stone structures which had held the wooden railings together remain in today’s date. Both the restored Summer Palace and old Summer Palaces are just 3 km away from each other. You can visit both together at once.

  • Go for the treasure hunt in National Museum

The national museum of China has a lot of ancient artefacts which would make you go awe. There are more than 600 million items that depict the history of China and the items in the museum are very precious and extremely rare. 

You could get the help of a guide to get through the history of China and it also helps in preventing the development of Chinese civilization in a lot easy manner. If you’re travelling to China with your kids, you’re supposed to indulge them in the treasure hunt activity in the museum. 

  • Evening shows

If you’re looking out for ways to enjoy the evenings in China, then go and attend any show which is conducted only in the evenings. Shows like Beijing Opera, Kung-Fu, acrobatic shows are conducted only during the evening hours. The Beijing Opera speaks of the Chinese culture, the facial masks makeup; costumes, vocal command and choreography set aside the Beijing Opera a lot different from the other usual opera.

Kung Fu is a display of Chinese martial arts and the children would love it. If you wish to display flexibility and top-notch agility, then undertaking an acrobatic show is the best. 

  • Take a cooking class

Traditional Chinese cooking is such an experience for the world. There are a lot of cooking classes conducted in China where you can enjoy cooking with the locals. 

  • Shop at Beijing’s Market

If you’re from any other part of the world, you could have shopped various western brands, but some of the top-notch Chinese brands are sold in the markets of Beijing. You could buy some for your friends and relatives back home. These are some of the items you could purchase only if you visit China after obtaining the visa from: 

  • Relax in the lavender Garden

 There are very few lavender gardens in the world and the blues dreamland in Beijing is one of the best landscapes. It’s located very close to Beijing and it’s stated as God’s best creations. 

The things you get to do in Beijing after getting the Chinese visa would turn out to experience you would change forever. 

So, why do you keep thinking, getting a Chinese visa and visiting Beijing to enjoy an experience of a lifetime?