What Items Actually Hold Their Value? The Answer May Surprise You


While you know that the silver value makes it an excellent investment, other items keep their resale value as well. But what items hold value so you know what to purchase?

Items such as designer handbags keep their resale value, some being worth significantly more than others. Certain watches are also among items that hold their value. 

The gold value and investing in silver isn’t the only way of holding onto items with a high resale value. If you’re interested in learning what items hold their value so you can invest wisely, then keep reading. 

Silver Value and Designer Handbags

If you’re looking to invest in something that has exceptional resale value, gold and silver from CMI Gold & Silver are always a lucrative investment. Silver and gold have a monetary value and are tangible items. They’re timeless investments that serious investors understand the value of.

When exploring other items that keep their value, designer handbags are an excellent investment. This includes designers such as Chanel, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton. When wondering what keeps its value, these are the bags to purchase. 

More specifically, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag is an ideal item to purchase. It’s always in demand and comes in tons of different styles. This bag is iconic as part of the Louis Vuitton collection, and its resale value will attest to that. 

Rolex Watches

Rolex may be one of the only watches to keep such a high resale value. Other luxury watches such as Tudor and Patek Philippe also keep their resale value, while other brands tend not to. Watches aren’t traditionally seen as investments, which is why a lot of brands don’t hold their resale value. 

But what makes Rolex stand out among the rest?

Rolex watches are manufactured in limited quantities for each model, causing them to hold their resale value. The models that hold the most resale value include the Submariner, the GMT, and the Daytona. If you’re looking to purchase a Rolex watch as an investment, these are the models to do so with. 

Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds are another exceptional item that keeps their value. Their market value is known to stay consistent or steadily increase, making them an excellent investment. 

However, not all diamonds are created equal. Diamonds grown in labs don’t have a high resale value, and should not be purchased for investment purposes. 


Art that’s considered high-end will hold its resale value and makes an excellent investment. This includes pieces that are the only one of their kind.

Art can be a risky investment, however. There’s always the chance its value won’t increase, as a lot of art loses value over time. It all depends on the market and what’s sought-after in the art community. 

Prepare to Invest

If its investments with a high resale value you desire, the gold and silver value is always strong. But other items such as designer handbags, Rolex watches, and diamonds, all make excellent investment opportunities. Be sure to research prospective investments prior to purchasing them, ensuring you’re buying items that keep their value. 

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