7 Best Ideas for Making Personalized Labels for Kids

Personalized labels for kids
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When you are a parent, finding your Kids lost stuff is a bit of a hassle. It can be their school supplies, favorite utensils or birthday gifts. You might want your child to learn about stuff, like the difference between right and left shoes. Maybe your child is having some sort of allergy and you want to aware of their teacher or classmates about it. If your child is keen to learn new things or you want to make your child a quick learner, the label is something you should use.

Watching is the primary source of learning, especially for toddlers. Toddlers tend to learn quicker by watching stuff rather than listening. You can make your Kids grasp new and different information by making the use of labels. Labels are usually used to tag something. Personalized labels are the new norm. People nowadays fancy personalized labels on stationary etc. instead of generalized labels. Labels are available in a vast variety. Ranging from iron-ones to waterproof labels. Dishwasher safe labels and laundry safe labels are also used. Stick on name labels are more convenient to use than iron-ones.

Following is the list of ideas for making fun and creative personalized labels:

1. Waterproof labels

In case you were wondering what to do if the label fades away, we have got you covered with these waterproof labels. Waterproof labels will let you wash your clothes and dishes with the labels on, conveniently. Waterproof labels are not only convenient for washing clothes but also washing utensils like plates and spoons. Iron-ones are the ones that could be stick using an iron. Stick on labels are the ones that do not require an iron.

2. Dishwasher safe labels

Dishwasher safe labels are manufactured to make it easier for consumers to stick labels on utensils like plates or cups. Children fancy plates and spoons with their names on them. Also, it would be easier for parents to Kids feed cranky children, with plates having their names on it. These labels are designed intricately, keeping in mind parent’s worries regarding faded labels which make the plate or spoon look ugly.

3. Laundry safe labels

Now you can easily label your child’s favorite t-shirt and wash it. With the availability of laundry safe labels, you can get rid of the hassle of taking the label off every time you wash your child’s labeled clothes. Laundry safe labels are capable of fighting of different enzymes which are present in a detergent. So, it is advised that your child is not eating their clothes while wearing them. If your child is a habitual cloth eater, you should not put these on their clothes.

4. Stationery labels

Children often like to stock up stationery. And if the stationery is labeled with their names, studying made easy! Customized book labels, rectangular labels especially to stick on pencils and pens, square labels are good to go with notebooks and books. Stationery labels are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

5. Shoe labels

If you are eager in making your toddler smart, shoe labels could be your first step. You can easily make your toddler distinguish between right and left by sticking labels on their shoes. Shoe labels are an easy way to make your child learn about directions at an early age.

6. Allergy labels

Allergies are something people seldom take into consideration while feeding someone. Food allergies are something small Kids are not usually aware of. But with these allergy labels, you don’t have to worry about your child’s allergies anymore. Allergy labels are designed to make teachers and school staff aware of your child’s food allergies.

7. School pack labels

School pack comprises labels for all the school essentials like water bottles, lunch boxes, books, bags, notebooks, pencil pouches, etc. Now you don’t have to worry about landing your kid’s school stuff in lost and found every other day.


Nowadays labels have become a part of kid’s essentials since there is so much stuff to look out for. Personalized labels can make life a little bit easier for struggling parents. Parents who are struggling every other day to find their children’s lost stationery or bearing with their child’s unscheduled tantrums for not eating carrots. Labels can ensure a safer return of your kid’s stuff. Labels can help your child learn new and different things quickly and easily. Making use of labels when your child is at his/her early growing stages, can help you boost his/her IQ and make your child a quick learner.