Michael Giannulis highlights the importance of building and maintaining a reputation

Michael Giannulis
Michael Giannulis

Business organizations have to strive hard to earn a reputation. It takes years to build a reputation and seconds to lose it. Many business firms have created a brand value for their firm, which helps them achieve great heights. Your firm builds a name by the experience and review of its associates. What people feel and think about your business determines your fame in the market. Whether or not people think highly of your firm is dependent on how your customers present you in the market. A large number of factors affect the reputation of your business.

Here are a few pointers that might help you to build a name for your business that can last longer:

Keep your word, suggests Mike Giannulis

To have credibility in the market, you need to keep your word. Make sure to abide by whatever you have said, whether it is an insignificant matter or a great one. Whenever you promise something to your employees or your customers and fulfill that promise, thereby, you create value for yourself and your firm. Your customers and all those associated with your business will rely on your firm without an iota of doubt.

Be a well-wisher

If you want your firm to have a good reputation, make sure you look after others’ interests before considering your own. Business owners who are always looking to satisfy their customers rather than earning profit are bound to gain prominence. Helping your competitors and friends and giving them the advice to reach their goals is another way two exemplify your character. In a business, the proprietor must help their associates by guiding them in the right direction. Being kind and courteous to your employees and customers is another way to earn a name in the market.

Always favor people

It is a grueling task to favor people in front of others for their benefit. Look for ways in which you can highlight the plus points of a client in front of others. Helping others to rise will never make you small. It will help you to gain a reputation instead, in front of your associates.

Go above and beyond to help others

There is no harm in doing more than people expect from you. To earn a reputation, you can always work more than people expect from your firm. Following up with clients sooner than they expected is one way of creating credibility. A company must do everything that they require for a reputation, says Michael Giannulis.

Keep your body language in check

Another vital aspect of creating honor is to check your body language. Your body movement and gestures speak volumes. When you are conducting a presentation and facing an audience, be confident, and be aware of your body language. Gestures, such as nodding your head for agreement, smiling from time to time, and creating eye contact, play an essential role in building your reputation.

Make an impact in the first meeting

Many times people do not value the importance of the first impression. Whenever you are representing your firm, make sure to create an impact. Dress according to the occasion you are in, be aware of your body language, be well-groomed, and not be overdressed. Take every opportunity to create an impact by looking and behaving appropriately.