Vital Facts about Bourbon Whisky


There has been a boom in the sale of bourbon whisky for the right reasons. Bourbon is a variety of whiskey made of grains, of which 51% is corn. The remaining 49% is wheat, rye, or barley. It has no added additives, coloring, or flavoring; what is allowed is just water. The rarity factor and romance make bourbon whisky highly sought after.

Some Interesting Facts about Bourbon Whisky

  • Understand the Bourbon Bottle Label – There is some nitty-gritty on ways to decipher the bourbon label. A couple of things are legally needed to be present on the label- class and type, brand name, producer’s name, government health warning, ABV or proof, and net content.
  • Blended or Straight- You can enjoy bourbon whiskey in two ways- drink it neat or straight, that at room temperature without ice. Some people, however, love to add some drops of water to open up the aroma. If you too fall under this category, you can enjoy it in the brandy snifter. It is the glass’ shape that will help to concentrate the aroma. In the case of high proof, bourbons use brandy snifters.
  • One Time Barrel Use – All bourbon whiskey as per federal regulations should be aged in charred, new oak barrels that you should discard after completing the aging process. Many bourbon distilleries sell used barrels to the other alcohol producers after completing the process.
  • Potential to Prevent Illness-Bourbon whiskey also has healthful properties that can keep you healthy. First and foremost, it helps in weight management as it is low in carbs, has little sodium and no fat. Secondly, bourbon has an antioxidant, ellagic acid, which can reduce the risk of forming certain carcinogens, thus fighting cancer. Due to its antioxidant power and the capability of preventing the build-up of cholesterol in the arteries, bourbon can cut down the risk of stroke and heart attack. Finally, researchers have discovered that people who take bourbon in moderation daily can cut down the chance to develop common medical ailments like the common cold, blood clots, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s and reduce stress.
  • Storage Basics – Unlike wine, you must store bourbon upright. Protect the cork in the bottle; its high alcohol content will damage the cork when kept in contact for long. Although there is no proof whether direct sunlight will ruin or hurt the collection, this will indeed not help. Thus it is better not to take a risk. It is best to set up the bourbon display or storage area, not under direct sunlight.

For best results, store it at a consistent temperature. To store it above a garage or hot attic spaces is not ideal. Too much heat can result in a loss in volume as evaporation occurs. A living space that is easily accessible will be the finest choice to store bourbon whisky. Remember, when the room temperature feels comfortable for you, it will be ideal for the bourbon. If you wish to sell old bourbon whisky, get in touch with Vintage Bourbon.

So get creative and enjoy every sip.