Why Disney is re-releasing Avengers-Endgame

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Majority of Avengers-endgame fans were quite pleased with how closure was brought to what is believed to be the end of MCU third phase. I personally found a lot I wasn’t pleased with; like why the hell the Tony had to die or how skeptical time traveling was described. Never the less, I guess it had to happen for this chapter of Marvel/Disney to come to a final close. It ended well, sadly same cannot be said of Game of Thrones. That movie broke my heart. I know it did yours too, but we aren’t complaining, and even if we were there is pretty much nothing anyone could do about it despite the over 1 million petitions they already got.

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So, with how great Endgame was to the extent of smashing Box Office record in its opening week and beyond, personally was surprised when I got the news of Disney about re-releasing Avengers Endgame. For a movie which was adored even by critics and utterly destroying all time box office record, I was shocked and the question WHY? Just wouldn’t stop playing in my head. So, I did some digging, and here is what I found.

To surpass James Cameron’s Avatar

The first and obvious reason I came to discover was that apparently, Feige wasn’t really satisfied until his movie became the biggest in the block. It so happened that Avengers-Endgame came second to James Cameron’s Avatar in All-Time-Box-Office-Record. With Avatar beating Avengers-Endgame with no little than $38 million. Feige just wants the opportunity to be number one. Re-releasing the Avengers-End game to millions of devoted marvel fans such as myself is how Feige intends over sit James Cameron’s Avatar in the Box Office Iron Throne.

To bring more closure to for phase 3

Marvel movies are known to be defined in phases. Every post-credit scene and every movie is a part of something bigger. While bringing a better closure to phase 3 better than the one they already gave doesn’t really make sense to me, apparently it does to the biggest movie makers in the world. The only reason I would say I loved the Avengers-Endgame would be because they provided a good closing chapter, as I mentioned earlier. Now I have no idea how they intend to make it better, but if it promises to be better than the last, I’m all in.

To boost ticket sales for spider man: far from home

In 2018 marvel released the second avenger’s instalment “infinity war” alongside black panther. This means both ran concurrently in theatres and did amazingly well in box office without stepping on one another’s toes. Marvel intends to pull off the same trick this time as far from home is slated for release on the 2nd of July and the Avengers-Endgame re-release is slated a couple of days before. This means they will also run concurrently in cinema and probably help one another sell more.

To keep Marvel in the news

Majority fans of the Franchise have been known to be attached to certain characters. Many have stated their love and admiration for Iron man and Captain America, and that includes me. Well, maybe I never really liked Steve Rogers that much with his holier than thou attitude, but I sure as hell love the Sherlock Holmes actor (Robert Downey jr) and have been a great follower of his movies. With the death/absence of them both, the show is definitely going to suffer some backlash in their fan base. This way, the minds of fans are refreshed by the sight of their beloved characters and inclined to see how the producers intend to fill those big shoes.

It’s all about Disney

In all sense and prediction, it is possible that the Avengers-Endgame re-release will close the $42 million gap between Avatar and Avengers-Endgame. The thing is, who wins in this battle. The amazing but interestingly clever answer is MARVEL. After Disney’s merger with Fox, they own not only Marvel but also Avatar as well. So who wins in a box office battle between the 2? I guess you can answer that yourself.

It will give End-game a unique distinction

From its release, Avengers-Endgame has set itself apart from the pack. Breaking standing records left and right from its opening weekend and beyond. With so many records shattered, Endgame has set itself in the annals of film history.  With a busy summer which features other great movies such as Toy Story 4, Lion King remake, spider-man far from home and more. Before the year is over, Endgame would have established itself as a powerhouse and retain its prominence in the heart of fans.

Final thoughts

These are certain reasons Disney is re-releasing Endgame. However, if there is more than that which meets the eye, we will find out after the release. Personally, I think this was always the plan. Have the movie re-released if it doesn’t beat our expectation with additional scenes which were intentionally kept aside in the first place.