The U.S. Pays the Price for Not Imposing Travel Restriction from Europe in Time


When questioned about his delayed response to imposing travel restriction to contain the coronavirus in America, President Trump. Has constantly referred to his stopping the inflow from China as early as February 1. While he has gone on record as saying, “Something we did very well. Is when we stopped the inflow from China at a very early level. That was a good thing to do, a great thing to do”. What he does not care to arrive from Europe until it was far too late.

Rampant Spreading Of The Virus

Investigations have revealed that the rampant spreading of the virus in America was more due to arrivals from Europe. While the China travel restriction slammed shut the front door to the epidemic from the nation. From where it all originated, Europe effectively became the back door. Which remained wide open till mid-March, by which time the U.S. Was already facing a surge of cases, especially in and around New York.

More Index Cases from Europe than China

There are several media reports discussing the “index cases”, which are essentially the first recorded infection cases. In at least 13 states and territories as opposed to only five ascribable to China. Cruise ships accounted for six more than China for imported index cases. 

A study of the index cases reveals that the COVID-19 infection spread from the northeastern. The United States, which indicates that it followed a path from China, to Europe. And from there to the American East Coast and thereafter to other states. While several state administrations have not publicly shared information on the source of their index cases. Other states like North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico, Idaho, and Kansas have confirmed that their first cases. Had links either to the northeastern U.S. or New York. According to, the coronavirus started to circulate in the New York region in mid-February. Having been brought in by travelers restriction from Europe and not from Asia as originally assumed.

More Than One Million Arrivals from Europe Not Screened

According to data from FlightAware, a tracking agency, more than 10,000. Direct flights landed at 12 large American airports in the period from February 1. When the Schengen zone comprising 26 European nations. Imposed flight restrictions on March 14, followed by Britain and Ireland on March 17. By projecting flight occupancy data obtained from KML/Air France. It is estimated that some 1,000,000 people may have entered America just during this period. America was also exposed to a very large number of travelers from Europe.

Travel Bans Becoming Effective

In the six weeks before the travel bans becoming effective there. During this time, American authorities were screening only travelers from China. And letting passes unchecked all those coming in from Europe. The director of the Genome Technology Center at NYU Langone, Dr. Adriana Heguy observes, “We found that multiple chains of transmission. Were coming about two thirds from Europe, and the other third. Some from Asia and some from within other states of the United States.”

It is more intriguing than a ban on arrivals from Europe suggested by Matthew Pottinger. The deputy national security adviser in January. Was rejected by the Trump administration even though it was supported by health officials.