3 Tips for Taking Charge of Your Mental Health

Martin Polanco
Martin Polanco

These past few years have been tough – random lockdowns, travel restrictions, and many of us dealing with health concerns. If your mental health has suffered, you should know that you’re not alone. I feel like we’re on the edge of the pandemic being over, and life finally returning to normal. With that in mind, I wanted to take this time to make this post about 3 tips for taking charge of your mental health so you can ensure you’re in the best possible headspace. Keep reading to learn more.

Self Care
You’ve probably heard it so many times before, but self care is a really important part of taking care of yourself and your mental health. One issue with self care that I see, is that many people think they have to do specific things in order to tick their self care boxes. But the reality is, self care needs to feel like self care to you. You need to focus on the things that give you energy and make you feel most relaxed. For me personally, that’s enjoying a professional massage, having a regular cleaner come monthly to deep clean my home, and getting my hair done every six weeks. Self care may feel different to you, so be sure that you focus on actually provides you value, whether it’s investing in Spectrum Health Care or hitting the gym every day.

Take Time to Connect
All this disconnect during the pandemic has been tough. Families have been split apart, lockdowns and quarantines have meant we’ve spent less time together, and remote working has become the norm. For this reason, I think we need to focus a little more on connection than ever before. Whether you want to take a long Skype call with a loved one, or spend the day with an old friend, being intentional about seeking connection can be great for your mental health. There have been a number of studies that show the secret to longevity in life is the depth of our connections, click here to get some more ideas.

Get Moving
Finding ways to move your body can be a great way to help your mental health. Not only will you ensure that those feel-good endorphins are pumping, but you’ll also help keep your body as healthy as possible. I find it is a good idea to combine exercise and fitness with a social element, especially when I’m feeling a bit low mood. Why not meet with some friends and go on a hike? Or head to a yoga class at the same time as your colleagues. I’m really into audiobooks at the moment and love putting one on while going for a long walk in the evening. You can go for a walk while you learn more about how to give your blog a boost – there’s nothing better than multitasking.

Your mental health is just as important as your financial health or your overall health. Hopefully these tips help you find ways to improve and prioritise your mental health so you can feel your absolute best.