All about getting and using a vessel bathroom sink


Buying a vessel bathroom sink can be exciting because you know it can quickly elevate the appeal of any interior theme. But while you opt for this choice, keeping a few points in mind can seem extremely useful. For instance, this over the counter basin works best in combination with aerated faucets that take care of the issue of water splashing. Some specific colors and surfaces can make your maintenance job a breeze causing little or no water stains. Since its base and backside can accumulate water and dirt. It is best to leave an adequate gap between the wall and the sink. Also, paying specific attention to the height of the vanity and the bowl at the time of installation can make it an ergonomic choice.

A vessel sink can be an incredible piece of hardware for your lovely bathroom. However, it is up to you to make it the best choice of all time. In this context, let’s break down the essential points to have an enjoyable experience with this.

Points to consider when adopting a vessel bathroom sink

Reducing or eliminating water splashing

You can come across one or two people complaining about water splashing issues with this type of sink. But this is not the problem of the bowl. The main culprit is the faucet height or style. The basin tends to be higher because of such installation. It would be best if you chose a faucet whose spout can fairly loom over the top edge of the bowl. While facing the center of the drain. Make sure the tap is not too high or low either. Too much height can lead to splashing, and too little height can create challenges with handwashing. Because its stream will lack proper direction.

Installing an aerated water faucet with this sink can come in handy. Even undermount sinks suffer from water splashing, and that’s why they need these faucets to reduce the impact. Aerated taps add air bubbles to the stream to control the hard-hitting flow of the water. Hence, these tend to be most efficient for vessel sinks and others too.

Opting for an easy to maintain color

While black imparts depth, white airiness, and beige softness, each of these colors also plays a vital role in making your space spruced up. Whether you choose a darker or lighter tone, the spots will show, mainly if the water is hard. It is just that the white bowl can turn yellow or stained quickly compared to others. Still, no matter what you choose, you can ensure the surface remains sparkling clean by wiping. It dry with a soft cloth after you finish your work.

If you want to get rid of this problem to a higher degree, choose a sink with a stain-resistant high gloss finish. The impervious surface will show tremendous resilience for bacterial growth and dirt, keeping itself hygienic. You wouldn’t have to do much to keep it clean as stains and spots cannot stick to it so easily.

Leaving room between the wall and sink for easy reach

All types of sinks, including top mount, undermount, and over-the-counter, need proper care and maintenance. If you are careful about this aspect at the time of installation, you can avoid much of the stress. For instance, when you place a vessel bowl, keeping a few inches of distance from the wall can be massively helpful. It will give you easy access to even tricky areas to get the dirt and grime out of the base and backside.

Creating an overall interior impact

Unlike other fittings, this plumbing fixture doesn’t hide in the vanity countertop. It stands out for its fully exposed structure. Hence, when you plan the interiors, keep this factor in mind. You can choose the same color for your shower or tub, toilet, and sink to keep up with the traditional taste. However, if you wish to break free from the uniform patterns, infuse textures as well as different shades through the design. Experimenting with the color of a vessel bowl can be a cinch if you have a white toilet and tub. If the walls, tiles, and wallpapers have vibrant colors, you may want to pick your sink in a shade that can sit well against all of them.

Some people don’t bother about matching their sink with other things in the bathroom. It helps them generate a contrasting effect, bringing focus on the bowl. If you care for textures and colors, check out glass models once. You can find them very attractive.

However, like others, you can choose a safe option by going with neutral colors, such as white, black, and beige. These are all future proof choices, as you can expect them to continue as a trend.

In essence, when you get a vessel bathroom sink, you can feel safe and happy with your selection because of its unique appeal. To make it a clever piece of plumbing for your most private space, you have to pay attention to a few details. As you already know, the sink sits on top of the countertop. Hence, the height of the vanity has to be comparatively lower. Homes with kids may need to keep a stool to ensure a comfortable reach for them. In stores, you get fabulous and secure options. Therefore, it isn’t a worry. Anyway, with other models too, you have to keep this thing handy for the little ones.

Buying a vessel bathroom sink means giving it enough focus and attention. Ensure that the choice of countertop is not too overpowering as it may interfere with the bowl’s presence. Another critical thing to remember is the choice of the aerated faucet. And its placement – distance from the middle part of the sink. Since every sink and faucet can vary in designs, you will need to be specific about their installation.

Some branded companies and stores offer easy to install vessel sinks. You can check their product range and select a suitable design and color for your bathroom.