Some of the Top Celebrities Who Have Acquired the Coronavirus


COVID-19 does not spare anybody not even Hollywood celebrities. With coronavirus becoming rampant, it was pretty much expected that it would soon establish a tight grip on the entertainment industry. Many celebrities from Hollywood, politics, and the sports world have managed to contract this dreadfully contagious virus. 

The number of people affected by the coronavirus worldwide is spiraling at an incredibly rapid pace. One thing is quite clear and that is absolutely no one seems to be immune at this point, with an increasing number of top celebrities testing positive for coronavirus. Here are some of the noteworthy names who have contracted the deadly virus. Fans need to be particular about their safety and they must be cautious. 

Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko is the incredibly popular Ukrainian-born French actor who had shot to fame after starring in Quantum of Solace opposite Daniel Craig. Her role as Camille Montes, the Bond girl brought her instant name, fame, and money. On March 15th she revealed to the world that she was suffering from the dreadful viral infection and has been quarantined at her residence.

Olivia Nikkanen

Actor Olivia Nikkanen is quite well-known for her brilliant roles in shows like ‘Supergirl’ and ‘The Society’. She has revealed that she has also tested positive for coronavirus. She had appeared on Instagram Live to share her health update and she was accompanied by Kathryn Newton, her co-star.

Rita Wilson & Tom Hanks

Both Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks admitted that they have actually contracted the coronavirus. Tom Hanks is an Oscar-winning Hollywood star and Rita Wilson, his wife is an actor in her own right. They came out with their diagnosis and stunned the world not to mention the Hollywood fraternity. Tom Hanks developed early symptoms of the coronavirus like body aches, colds, and chills while he was shooting in Australia for a biopic on Elvis Presley. His fans were shattered when he broke this shocking news.

Idris Elba

British actor Idris Alba is one of the latest celebrities to contract the highly-contagious coronavirus. Last Monday, he shared the sad news on Twitter. Even though he had not started experiencing the initial symptoms, he had self-quarantined himself after testing positive. Elba had earlier requested to be tested since he was exposed to somebody who had got infected by the coronavirus. Idris Elba requested his fans and followers to keep following the protocol by simply practicing social distancing and washing hands.

Christopher Cross

Song-writer cum singer Christopher Cross had tested positive for coronavirus. He said that he did not like the idea of coming on social media to discuss health issues but he was informing his fans and followers how contagious and serious the disease could be.

Meanwhile, reports of more celebrities falling victim to the coronavirus are coming up. We have reports of CNN anchors Brooke Baldwin and Chris Cuomo contracting the virus. Moreover, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is in a critical condition and is in the ICU of a London hospital after contracting the COVID-19 virus.