How the Pandemic Has Changed Home Design


In March 2020, lives across the United States changed. As COVID-19 spread across the country, businesses and schools began operating remotely, restaurants and recreational companies shut their doors, and people abruptly started adapting to a new way of life.

As March 2021 arrives, things are still very much the same. Adaptation continues, and for many families, it means redesigning home spaces to accommodate home offices, educational needs, and finding better ways to pass the time at home. The result is a change in the priorities of home design.

Focus Is on Multi-Functional Spaces

Open floorplans have long been a popular mainstay in home design, but since the pandemic, multi-functional spaces have become necessary for families who are juggling school, work, and home life in a single space. Designers are taking their cues from people who love tiny homes and the minimalist lifestyle. Instead of purchasing a desk for each child who is learning from home, they’re building work tables that fold into the wall when not in use. Those focusing on kids room interior designare finding unique ways to make it work as well. From seating to art tables, furniture with built-in storage for school, art, and office supplies keeps kids ready for learning without adding clutter to their bedrooms.

There Is an Increase in Home Office Needs

The need for home offices means people are getting creative with the unused space they have at home. The pandemic has many homeowners scrambling to clear out their spare bedrooms, swapping their extra storage space for extra workspace. Others are looking for creative ways to use the nooks and crannies of their homes. The unused space under the stairs makes an excellent spot for a small desk, chair, and laptop. The half-finished basement, mudroom, or the hallway between the dining room and kitchen all make excellent spaces for small home offices as well. Just remember, the key to making small spaces work is to get creative with storage and ensure you only have what you need in the space.

More People Want Recreational Spaces

The pandemic hasn’t only changed work and education. It also changed the way people find their entertainment. Without restaurants, amusement parks, movie theaters, and other recreational spaces in operation, families have had to find ways to stay entertained at home. For many, this includes redesigning their spaces. Private theater designers in Los Angeles have had their work cut out for them, installing screens, comfortable seating, and even theater-grade lighting into people’s homes. Others pushed the focus on their outdoor spaces, adding playground equipment, ponds, outdoor kitchens, and a range of other options to their properties.

One thing that remains to be seen is whether things will “go back to normal” in the design world when the pandemic has run its course. Many experts think it won’t. After all, business owners and educators are finding that some people are simply more productive when they work or learn from home. There will still be a need for kitchen designers Santa Monica, but they’ll probably be designing a lot more home offices as well. Maybe they’ll design yours next!