Gabrielle Union Candid on America’s Got Talent Inquiry and Racism

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union, an American actress, activist, vocal artist, and writer, sparked some conversations related to Hollywood racism. And these days, she has more to add to that subject. Appearing lately on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, she talked much about what is happening in the US when it comes to racism. And the inquiry that followed her departure from the NBC’s, America’s Got Talent.

Gabrielle thought she was independent

Union thought that she was independent while she was part of the inquiry, but then, with the NBC and other production companies. Such as Fremantle and Syco shelling out money for that inquiry, these firms are in full control. There is no independence.

What about Fremantle and Syco

Both these production firms, based out of Great Britain, are behind a couple of accomplished talent shows on television, which includes America’s Got Talent and The X Factor. Simon Cowell, one of the key judges on America’s Got Talent, established the company Syco. He is also an executive producer. These production companies denied the fact that they paid for the inquiry to hush things up.

Gabrielle did not come back to the aggressive and unbeaten reality YTV show, the current season.

What was the conflict between Cowell and Gabrielle after all?

Gabrielle’s exit from the show appeared in the middle of reports asserting her agreement wasn’t chosen even after insisting. The show’s producers make public an episode that entailed a racist joke. Her conflict with Cowell was over his taking a fag on the set. Which is forbidden in the state of California where the TV show is shot.

Union told Noah she thought that her America’s Got Talent judging performance would be simple, joking, “How difficult is it to look at conjurers,” but asserted that from the very first day, Cowell was seen smoking cigarettes on the set.

The boss, the man who has the power to decide who will get opportunities. And who will do not think that the US law applies? To him as well or at least the rules are for all, and he does this in the complete view of NBC, Syco, and Fremantle. No one gives a damn about the fact that all of the employees are susceptible. To secondhand smoke while Cowell puffs away on the set. This is what Gabrielle asserted and cited that what message the same incident. Conveys to people having problems with racism and lack of responsibility.

What did Cowell say?

When the media reached out to the representatives of America’s Got Talent and wanted Cowell to comment. A rep said that when Cowell was informed of the complaint related to his smoking on the set during the initial days of the current season. He instantly stopped smoking and the complaint was never raised ever.

NBC’s stand

NBC said that it takes diversity quite seriously and would implement new rules if required, awaiting the result of the inquiry.

Despite Union’s complaint, NBC did not bother to investigate the matter quickly or request. The HR’s involvement in the racially offensive behavior, as stated by Gabrielle.