Mommy Makeover – Know what it is before you opt-in for it

Ram Duriseti
Ram Duriseti

A woman’s body is usually well-shaped! However, it takes hard work and effort to maintain a full-figured, toned, and well-shaped body. Women often tend to lose their shape and tautness in specific body parts after pregnancy. The nine months of pregnancy and the child delivery process make a woman undergo several hormonal changes. And that makes the stomach bulge out, the breasts sag, and the buttocks go out of shape. Some women toil in the gym and maintain a strict food regime to get back to shape. However, the other way to get back to form is by opting in for a mommy makeover surgery.

What is this surgery?

After a woman becomes a mother, her breast, hip, and stomach are the most affected areas. Hence, the mommy makeover process or surgery aims to address these areas and bring them back to shape. The surgery addresses the changes that a woman witnesses in her body after her pregnancy. You can check the mommy makeover infographic for more details.

Different plastic surgeons and clinics have different ways to provide a mommy makeover surgery. The common aspects that get included are:

  • A breast lift and augmentation
  • Tummy tuck surgery
  • Liposuction

When it comes to breast lift and augmentation, the surgeon makes incisions in the breast region. After that, the surgeon eliminates the extra skin. Based on the requirement, the surgeon reshapes the woman’s breast tissue mound. Some women want to accentuate their breast size. For that, the surgeon places implants as a part of this surgery. And once this is over, the surgeon goes on to carry out abdominoplasty.

After pregnancy, women often develop a sagging belly that looks out of shape. Here the tummy tuck surgery comes to use. In this process, the surgeon starts by making a horizontal incision on the lower abdomen. The extra skin gets removed during the surgery. After that, the surgeon adds permanent internal sutures in the woman’s stomach muscle fascia. The surgeon then completes the process by re-draping the remaining skin. He or she pulls it tight and then closes the incision.

The benefits of mommy makeover surgery

There are several advantages of mommy makeover surgery. The first and foremost advantage is that women can get back to their pre-pregnancy body shape. It helps them to fit into any dress that they used to wear before. Also, a well-toned body adds to their confidence and feel-good factor. Women can go to any social gathering and look their best and attract friends and family’s glances and compliments.

The mommy makeover surgery is safe when you get it done from an expert clinic and surgeon. Some generic surgeons provide low-quality surgery and medical service. It is best to avoid them. However, every woman’s body is different. It changes differently during pregnancy, as well. Hence, it is essential to opt-in for an expert cosmetic surgeon who will assess the body issues and health issues that a woman has. It will help them to decide whether the woman is fit for a specific surgery or not. The expert surgeons will also provide various after-care suggestions essential for women to follow to reap the surgery benefits.