Jameela Jamil Requests Fans to Ignore Kim Kardashian’s Toxic Comments after She Is Seen in a Corset


This time Jameela Jamil, a British actress, model, activist, radio presenter, and writer, is very brave. As she told her Instagram fans to discount Kim Kardashian, an American actress, media persona, model, businesswoman, and socialite. Who made some toxic comments about Jameela after she posted a picture in a corset. You should ignore people who hurt and demean your self-esteem, as Jameela sported her corset showing her little waist.

Jamil had to endure some cruel words from Kim in her Instagram post on June 24, 2020. Jamil reposted a photo of Kim in a corset she wore at the Met Gala 2019. The visual showed just how little her waistline was and asked Jameela. To take some immediate action and address the issue. Jameela received more 1,000 direct messages to focus on this issue. Jameela did not respond to the messages because she thinks that her post wasn’t damaging or for that matter disappointing.

What Jameela had to say in her defense?

As so many messages poured in, it indicates that her work is fans complete, according to Jameela. She never had the intention to belittle Kim but always keen to empower Kardashian with the knowledge. That expecting women to be seen in a slim waist is a bullshit expectation from women by men.

Jameela also added that Kim knows that it is a problem, and careless and reductive. For her to bring about such an immensely improbable beauty standard to her gullible fans. If Kim does not realize this fact, she is empowered and she does not need Jameela.

Jameela also said that Kim had many years of body image problems as well as obsession. Now, it has immensely perpetuated by how today media dissects Kim as well as her sisters about their looks and appearances.

Following Kim’s beauty standards is erroneous

The activist and actress also told that following Kim’s kind of beauty standards is extremely wrong and immoral. The Kardashian siblings are famous for hiring waist trainers and flaunting skin-hugging outfit. But the corset she wore at the 2019 Met Gala is the most popular. The idea that having a little waistline is what makes a woman feminine and sexy is all wrong. It is an incorrect notion that patriarchy expects of women. This indicates that what she is doing is fans damaging and she cannot stop doing the same until she realizes.

Jameela had an enthusiastic critic of Kim

Jameela has been critical of Kim’s beauty lines for a while and she criticized. Khloe Kardashian and more of the same family members previously. She opted for some additional words such as mute, block, delete, and repeat. Jameela also insisted that women should not allow the wreckage of Kim’s damage to affect them in any way. She also asserted to unfollow and ban brands or people, making others feel little, powerless, unhappy, and sad.

What are your views about Kim and her photo in a corset showing off her small waistline? Feel free to comment.