How to Host Events at Video Arcades: Your Next Brilliant Idea

Video Arcades

Most people consider playing videogames in arcades only during free time. It’s a fun activity that a lot of people enjoy. However, video arcades are more than just pastimes. You can host parties and events in these arcades to celebrate special occasions.

This guide will help you select the right arcade if you want to organise an event in a video arcade. There are a few important factors that you should keep in mind as you make your selection.

Adherence to State and Federal Regulations

One of the things that you should ensure is the video arcades’ adherence to state and/or federal regulations. Take note that the Australian government has had a long issue when it comes to videogame classification. The arcade and the games they have in their roster should comply with established government regulation.

Back in 2013, legislation was established that classified certain videogames as R18+. This classification is the equivalent to the AO or adults-only classification of videos and movies. This led to the banning of a lot of videogames in the country. In fact, in the fourth quarter of 2019, the country has banned at least four more videogames. This act demonstrates how strict the authorities are when it comes to videogame regulation.

Make sure to inquire about the video arcades’ compliance with computer game classification and other local laws as well.

Available Locations

The next important factor to consider is the location of the arcade. It is ideal to find one that is near your home, especially when you’re hosting an event for your kids and their friends. For one thing, everyone can get there easily, and no one has to incur travel expenses.

Tip: visit the official site of the videogame arcade of your choice and go to their locations page. Choose the location that is most accessible to you and your guests.

Check the Entry Fees

Every event that you host should have a corresponding budget, or else you end up overspending for it. A lot of video arcades offer party and event packages, which you might want to look up. Make sure to compare the deals from different arcades.

Note that the entry fees vary from one event that you will host to another. There will be different rates for birthday parties for teens and kids, work parties, school events, events for youth groups, and others.

Package Inclusions

The price of the entry fees and other costs should not be the only thing that will influence your decision. Even though an arcade may charge you a higher rate, if they can include a lot of freebies and other amenities, then that would make a better deal. It translates to more value for your money.

For example, a kids and teens party in video arcades may include more than just the use of the videogame units. Some arcades include the use of a playground, a photo booth, food and other munchies, and other highlights.

Available Videogames

Finally, a very fundamental factor that you should consider is the available videogames that you can choose from. The kids won’t have that much fun if there is no interesting game to play with. The same is true for office parties and other events that you might want to host. The adults may even say the games are lame and that might reflect on the overall quality of the event that you have planned.

Final Tip: Ask your guests in advance what games they’re interested in. Call the arcade staff and ask about the available games they have. Make sure that most, if not all, the games that your guests like, are hosted at the location. It will take some planning, but if you give due diligence, hosting an event at an arcade may just be the next brilliant idea you can come up with.