Tips for Choosing the Best Tutor for Your Child

choosing the best tutor for your child

Not all children have the same ability or intelligence level to cope up with the school curriculum set up by the educational sector. Some child is brilliant to pick up instantly; others struggle very hard even to comprehend easy math sums. Due to the different intelligence levels of children, there is a considerable need for tutoring services. The main aim of taking tuitions is to speed up the process of learning and improve the weak areas of the child so that the child can cope up with the curriculum in the class.

Moreover, frequently you might have heard your child complaining about information overload. So, how about you offer them some after school help?

Therefore, start looking for a reliable tutor. It is essential to ensure your child is not falling back in the class since coping up is quite challenging. However, there is no secret to finding the best tutor; instead, it is a matter of some tips and tricks.

 Following are some tips to choose the best tutor for your child:

1. Assess Your Child’s Strengths and Weaknesses

It is high time that parents start accepting that every child is different with unique skillsets and capabilities. Therefore, asses your child’s strengths and weaknesses. For instance – he/she might be great with comprehending stuff but maybe weak at calculating numbers. Thus, helping you understand where your child needs support. Otherwise, you can even inquire about subjects they find comfortable and subjects. They need additional assistance. That lets you choose a tutor that holds expertise in the subject your child needs help.

2. Evaluate your Child’s Learning Style

Education systems run on a universal format that is ‘one fit for all.’ Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t work for every student. Therefore, at the time of choosing a tutor, you need to adopt a different approach. Perhaps, something that aligns with your child’s learning style. Some children prefer one-on-one classes, while the tech-savvy generation prefers virtual learning.

For children more interested in learning online, you need to look for an online math tutor, helping your child to cope up with the areas in which they lack understanding. After all, it equally essential to hire a person that has proficiency in the subject in which your child needs guidance. Moreover, you can encourage your child to take some online quizzes to understand their learning style.

3. Tutor’s Credentials

By now, you know the areas in which your child needs assistance, you have to see whether the tutor holds any experience of teaching that subject. Similarly, you need to check whether the tutor has completed the training program or not. After all, it is essential to consider the tutor’s qualifications and expertise for a promising learning experience for your child. Additionally, many other factors come into play. Firstly, determine the teaching style of the tutor. In the case of online tuitions, you also need to see whether the tutor can deal with technology – using software to take online quizzes, sharing learning material online, etc.

4. Progress Reports & Cancellation Policy

Many parents don’t like interfering between the tutor and the child. However, it is imperative to keep track of progress. Thus, at the time of hiring the tutor, you need to request for monthly or weekly progress reports. It gives a clear picture of how your child is performing and whether tutoring is helping them or not. Usually, this is not a part of the contract policy, so you need to inform beforehand. Besides, learn about the cancellation policy and refunds in case your child falls sick. After all, the tutor’s time is equally important.

5. Coordinate the Timings

Parents want nothing but the best for their children, but at times, they end up setting unrealistic expectations. Usually, students have an overwhelming routine – school, sports practice, extra classes, and coming back home with loads of homework. Thus, before deciding the timings with the tutor, you need to assess your child’s routine.

Pick the days when there is no sports practice or extracurricular activities to avoid any sort of stress. Instead of adjusting to the tutor’s schedule, you need to select the tutor who can amend his schedule as per your child’s routine. Hence, it allows your children to learn with a fresh mind.

6. Get References

Even though the tutor’s credentials speak for itself, don’t mind looking out for references from other parents. It would give you an insight into their experience and whether they were satisfied or not. Similarly, they can also inform you about the progress of their child, whether the tutoring improved progress or not. All these things can prove out to be very helpful in making the right choice. So, don’t mind sparing some time contacting parents who have hired the same tutor.


Honestly, children need extra assistance after school, and group studies are an option, but not an effective one. Thus, parents consider hiring a tutor for some extra help. It might be a little challenging, but worth your child’s progress.

If you want to find the best person for the job, then its helpful to take the tips as mentioned above into consideration.