Hollywood Trying Hard to Meet Content Demand When You Think No Show to Binge


Major TV networks are leading out to show the pace of their fall content lineups uncharacteristically in a world plagued with corona and lockdown when people cannot go to theaters or amusement centers in the country.

Again, marketers would be treated to considerably less fanfare in 2020 as ABC, Disney, CBS, and NBC organize virtual conferences to declare their fall shows. Whether these shows will air or not as per schedule is a big question considering the corona epidemic and months of lockdown in the country. The pandemic has stalled productions in New York and Los Angeles; both places have extended the lockdown.

According to an article published on https://www.nytimes.com, some of the relaxing TV shows amid lockdown are The Simpsons, The Great British Baking Show, Gilmore Girls, and more.

When it comes to Tyler Perry’s Atlanta Studio, it could start production of fresh TV content amid corona lockdown. The actor and filmmaker hope to open his studio in Georgia in July to commence the production of The Oval and BET’s Sistas.

Filming will continue for 2.5 weeks and strongly abide by the union and local guidelines. Perry is hoping that he would fly the cast members. On his private jet right from New York to Los Angeles once they’re aptly tested for coronavirus.

Once they reach Atlanta, the cast and Perry will join the other crew members right on the set, where all would be tested for coronavirus. Carlos Del Rio, who is a professor at the Emory Vaccine Center, Georgia, would serve as a corona-testing consultant. Again, additional and timely tests would be conducted all through the production process.

Bigger production houses

When it comes to bigger and popular production houses. They will maintain this amount of safety measures and control over the actors and other crewmembers.

For example, the Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon, will follow the best safety measures. If they continue with the production work amid the corona epidemic. Then, smaller production houses with smaller cast members can manage production easily compared to large ones like Games of Thrones.

Many popular TV shows are stalled due to the lockdown. Including The Crown, 13 Reasons Why, The Handmaid’s Tale, and so on.

Frozen will not continue production

Did you know that Broadway’s musical hit, called Frozen, would cease to continue even if theaters open in New York? When it comes to the other shows, like Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite, which stars real-life couple Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, a musical show about Michael Jackson, have postponed their production work until 2021.

Again, shows that were scheduled to Virginia Woolf have dumped their opening plans. Nothing will happen until the corona pandemic is gone for good. It means 2021 and after.

The good news is that streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, and HBO Max are coming up. With numerous shows in the weeks to come amid lockdown.