PSM or Professional Scrum Master is a certification course for the professionals who intend to or want to grow or work in an Agile Scrum environment. Counting or adding up more values is valuable for the ones who are already working in an Agile environment, trying to find the solution to their current problems. When you take such certifications, it validates the knowledge depth about what Scrum is and equips you with an authenticated admittance.


So, what is a scrum? Scrum has always been proven as one of the most effective frameworks of Agile. Not only in small companies but also in large companies, it has shown the effectiveness. So both small and large companies are adopting agile practices. They are also looking for the ones who have mastered Scrum.


You must be thinking about what the benefit and scope of PSM training are. When you are certified as a scrum professional, it is always worthwhile for the companies to adopt Agile quickly. Adding a side note. If you want to gain extra knowledge, it is helpful to learn about the Scrum life cycle even when you are not working as a Scrum Master.


So there are two well recognized Scrum Master Certification.

CSM or the Certified Scrum Master

PSM or the Professional Scrum Master


PSM1 exam is arranged by itself. So for that, you do not need any kind of official training. But you need to achieve at least 85% to pass the examination. This depends on you, whether you want to study on your own or want to take up training by Scrum.


The preparation can either be very easy or can be very hard too. It depends upon you, how much hard work you do or practice. So you have to get it clear what you need to focus on. Go through the tips of the ones who have already cleared the exam. That helps a lot.

Find the study materials—people who give the exam or prepare for PSM1 study various Agile books. You should also look up different online courses available that cover all Agile methodologies. Internet is messed up. You can find random fake things everywhere. Here, in this case, too, it is a bit confusing to keep up the facts straight. So what is suggested, to go and follow up sites such as Scrum Books and Scrum Narrative and PSM guide


You need to understand Scrum so that it would be easier for you to appear. Here are certain tips which might help you.

  • You should be completely focused and prepared to read and take up MCQs
  • Go through the guide. The guide usually helps a lot. The question pattern is based on the questions from the guide. So following up on the guide will surely be helpful for you.
  • Try the open assessments available at Try the tests available and score 100% on them. That is one way in which you will be knowing your efficiency and can do better in the exam. You can always try out solving the complex ones.
  • Join or search for a community, basically the professional community forums. They can answer your questions related to this and mostly have a good explanation. Go through to find out good Agile/Scrum discussions.
  • Surf the internet and appear the all the free tests available. Each practice will make you better for the exam.
  • Focus on the scrum values and evidence-based management guide to getting through more practical examples.
  • The Nexus guide would no doubt help you to learn about Scaling Scrum. You might find a few questions related to this in the exam.
  • Go through different charts, namely the burndown charts, CFD, and Cone of uncertainty.

After you pass the exam, do not settle for it. Go for the advanced level PSM certifications. That will aid you in handling complex situations. PSM II helps to enhance your knowledge of the real world, while PSM III helps you to handle down complex teams and organizations effectively.

This certification will surely help and can really be beneficial in the long run. This will accelerate your career to a whole new level. If you do not qualify on the first attempt, go for the second one without any doubt and keep the determination strong.