What Are Progressive Slots and Why Did They Become So Popular?


Long gone are the days slot machines were dispensing chewing gums and fruity gummy bears instead of cash prizes. Now, there are multiple types of slot games, featuring a variety of themes and jackpot prizes. One of the most popular games at the moment are the progressive jackpot slots, with some of them even gaining some sort of a legendary status among players.

First, in order to understand why these slots have become extremely popular on online casino websites, it is important to know what a progressive jackpot is. If a slot machine features a progressive jackpot it means that the prize has not been set out automatically by the machine and it will gradually rise until somebody wins it. This factor, paired with the possibility of winning a substantial prize intrigues many players on casino and bingo sites.

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Progressive slots are also a great option for bingo aficionados who are waiting for the next round to begin. They can try out a wide variety of jackpot bingo games for fun, as the majority of online casino platforms provide them with plenty of options. Some of the titles available can even be played for free or for a small amount per spin. However, all these games are connected between each other, so every lost bet contributes to the big prize that is given out at the end.

Moreover, things get even trickier because such a game can be either owned exclusively by a single operator or it can be shared across multiple sites so that the jackpot becomes higher. This fact made progressive slots rise in popularity even more, so multiple software providers complied with the desires of the customers and developed modern and visually appealing games. NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech have all developed games with creative themes and excellent graphics that dominate the market.

Eyecon is yet another gaming provider that has focused on developing progressive jackpot slots. Some of its most well-known jackpot games include the likes of Fluffy Favourites, Shaman’s Dream, and Lucha Rumble. Fluffy Favourites features cute animals – rhinos, bears, unicorns, and elephants – all in distinctive colors that can help you win prizes that are worth up to 10,000x your initial wager. Meanwhile, Shaman’s Dream is based on a Native American theme, filled with scatter symbols that can trigger big wins.

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The other popular game, Lucha Rumble, is a volatile slot with up to 1,024 active paylines during a random base game spin. Its concept revolves around a Mexican wrestling theme of vibrant and thrilling graphics. It features five wild symbols disguised as Luchadores that can help you unlock the progressive jackpot. Other special prizes and symbols are also available for those who are up to get them!

Although progressive jackpot slots are usually preferred by players who are passionate about slots, they can be easily understood by new players as well. The rules are the same as the classic slot games and if there are any particularities, they are mentioned before the game begins. With such great prizes and beautiful graphics though, there is no wonder they became popular in such a short time!