Know about Singapore Breast Augmentation Procedure Using Breast Implant

Singapore Breast Augmentation Procedure

Looking for the fuller breast that has perfect shape and size? Breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty in Singapore can be the solution. It is a sort of cosmetic surgery that can make your breasts attractive by addressing the underlying issues. In this process, surgeons generally use breast implants to create the desired effect. The material of the implant can vary from silicone, composite, saline, and so on. A breast implant can have a life of seven to twelve years on average.

Reasons why you should choose breast augmentation

This procedure can be helpful if you have naturally small breasts, the shape and also the size of your breast have suffered due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss, your breasts are asymmetrical, etc. Besides, you can also opt for this surgical treatment to reclaim your original breast shape and size after surgery. From reconstructive to cosmetic, you have different measures to pick. Usually, reconstructive surgery is advised in case of breast cancer, while cosmetic breast surgery helps achieve aesthetic goals. Even surveys show that breast enlargement therapy can help women experience an increase in their self-esteem and confidence.

Things you need to consider when going for breast implant for breast augmentation

Since it is a surgical procedure, you need to have mental preparation for it. Before breast augmentation surgery, your plastic surgeon would ask you to select the size of the implant. For an idea, they can insert different sizes of them into your bra so that you can identify the difference and make your choice. There can be other ways of doing it too. But you can rest assured that you will get the size that you desire. At the time of operation, the doctor can administer anesthesia so that you can have a smooth experience. In some cases, doctors might use only local anesthesia.

Also, as it is a surgical procedure, you cannot avoid incisions. In Singapore, you can choose from three types of incision procedures, including Inframammary, Transaxillary, and Periareolar. Inframammary incision focuses on the fold under the breast, Transaxillary is about armpit, and also Periareolar incision involves nipple area. The choices can vary depending on the person’s body structure, implant type, size requirement, and preference of the doctor and also patient.

The procedure can take place in a hospital outpatient unit or surgical center. If things go right, you can get discharged the same day. In a very few cases only, patients have to stay back. After surgery, you can experience soreness and also swell in the area. There can be bruising also. Anyway, scars can take time to become lighter in tone, but they might not go away completely. For better and safe healing, you can wear a sports bra or compression bandage to support the breast implants and their position. You may have to take painkillers also.

For a smooth recovery, you need to adhere to your doctor’s suggestions. You can expect to resume your work within a short time if your job is not physically demanding. You have to be careful about exertion, though.

In Singapore, this cosmetic and also reconstructive breast therapy is quite popular. If you need any help with your appearance, you can consider this as an option.