Best Soft Tops for Your Jeep Wrangler


So, you want to install a soft top on your Jeep Wrangler. Like many other off-roaders, you’re looking for the convenience, flexibility and protection that a soft top can provide. But with so many options on the market, how do you select the right one for your TJ? As you browse Jeep Wrangler TJ parts for the perfect soft top, take a look at some useful info and helpful tips.

How Soft Tops Enhance Your Jeep Experience

Who doesn’t love to put the top down when it’s warm and sunny outside? Well, with a soft top, you can. Soft tops improve your off-roading experience in many ways. They weigh far less than hard tops – most clock in at only 20 pounds while hardtops can weigh around 150 pounds. They’re also flexible, so you can easily put them down and pull them up as you like. That same flexibility gives you a custom fit, plus ease of installation. And since they can be folded, storage is nearly effortless. You just need a small space to stash your top.

Once you’re off-road, Jeep soft tops come in handy for more reasons. You’ll find models with convenient zipper pockets above the driver’s and passenger’s seats. That offers fast accessible storage for all those odds and ends you don’t want to shove into your pockets. And you don’t have to remove the top to open your tailgate, thanks to tailgate bars and clips. With mold-resistant coverings and durable heat-sealed seams, your top offers protection when storm clouds arise.

Let’s not forget about the aesthetic benefits of soft tops. While hard tops only come in one style – full top – soft tops are available in full, half and bikini versions. And they come in just as many colors. With all these options, you’re sure to find one that enhances your Jeep’s looks.

Choosing the Right Soft Top for Your Jeep Model

When looking for your soft top, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. Shape is key – full tops offer complete coverage, while bikini tops cover only the cabin’s front seats. Half tops only cover the very top of the cabin and cargo area, leaving the sides and back open. There are other variations, but pay attention to vehicle coverage before you buy.

Materials also matter – they determine the durability and protection you’ll get from your soft top. Most come in vinyl, denim, sailcloth or twill. Heavier fabrics like twill and sailcloth offer quiet riding plus UV and weather resistance. Twill is especially abrasion-resistant and more flexible than sailcloth. You may remember denim soft tops from old-school Wranglers. They’re heavier than vinyl and provide some durability and UV resistance. Vinyl tops are the lightest, sporting cloth interiors with some resistance to ultraviolet rays.

Where To Buy Your Soft Top

As an off-roader, you want to buy your Jeep soft top from a vendor you trust. Whether you’re looking for TJ, Cherokee, JL, Gladiator or Jeep CJ5 parts, choosing a reputable and knowledgeable dealer is important. With an extensive inventory and great service, you’ll be able to select a top that truly meets your needs.