Staying focused in a distracted world is a big deal. If I was writing this article before the age of computers and social medias, there would probably have been very little I could have possibly had to write. But today the story is different. In every office, every corner, there is something which can get you distracted. So, how does one stay focused? Read along and I will tell you….

Turn of all notification

The internet is a place of information. This means, there is practically nothing you would want to know that you possibly can’t find on the internet. With things like mobile phones and computers, accessing information have never been easier. The thing is, many times often we are hit with various types of information which eventually take our eyes off the ball. While researching a problem in your computer or mobile phone, you may get a mail, news or text message from your long time buddy who wants to have a drink. Your attention is immediately divided, the flow stops and you lose focus. The most obvious way to fix this is simply by turning off all notifications.

Seclude yourself

Why do you think people prefer corner offices? Well, I personally think other than the killer view it might bring, I provides seclusion. Little things like someone dragging his or her feet or simply walking past are tools of distractions. This is why you should always seek seclusion if you desire to stay focused both at home and in the office. This will not only enable your work become faster, it will help you provide more quality in whatever you are doing. RELATED: unleashing-your-creativity-and-finding-inspiration

Establish a routine

Scientist says it takes 3-7 consistent times doing something specific in other to make it a habit. This is true and a great strategy if you desire to stay focused. If you establish a daily routine, you will not only save time but also brood your mind to practice a habit of staying focused on a task per time. This is the same reason Mark Zuckerberg stated he wears same cloth every day, to focus his energy and to

Avoid multitasking

MIT neuroscientist Earl Miller stated that multitasking ruins creativity and affects productivity. The sad truth many never believe is that they are very few people who can actually multitask the right way. The majority who think they can actually multitask in reality do not know how to. They simply jump from one task to another and call it multitasking. In other to stay focused, you have to do away multitasking and start practicing single-tasking. This way you will stay focused, increase productivity and efficiency.

Do creative work first

So many people go about their task in a random fashion. Here is why this isn’t a good move. The brain builds up fatigues the more you use it. This means, after carrying out some tasks, the brain requires rest in order to be productive. This is why the need to carry out the more tedious task first is of utmost importance. This way, even after the brain is tired, you can still carry out the little task without affecting work efficiency and productivity.

Find the time that works for you

You see, we are all made differently, and our difference is what makes us unique. Different people have what works for them, and that includes the time that works for them as well. You have to discover the time which works for you and utilize that in other to enhance focus. It could be in the early hours of the morning or late at night. Find your best time and utilize it.

Train your mind

Like every other part of the body, the mind can also be trained. It will benefit you a whole lot if you train your mind to focus. Practice concentration by telling your mind to focus on a single task at a time. If you can keep this practice up for at least an hour daily, in no time, you will find that your mind will no longer be drift while you work.

Have a visible note lying in your point of view

Sometimes when your mind drifts, all it needs is to be reminded of the task at hand. Having visible note lying in your view site is a hack I have come to love in my career as a writer. I usually just tape my computer with the words “are you being productive?” whenever my mind takes a drift, and I see that paper, I am back on track. Yes, it’s that easy.


Practice the following and you are on your way to staying focused in this distracted world we live in. These are all principles I have applied and they worked. I am fairly confident it will work for you.