Worried about purchasing weed online? Here is what you need to know


Weed has been scientifically proven beyond any reproach that marijuana usage for medical purposes and under careful supervision can alleviate a number of health disorders. However, when it comes to making the right purchase, it gets a bit complicated.

Not only there are several online sellers. There are several strains, as well. So, if you aren’t a marijuana expert, you wouldn’t know what to buy. There are choices between the Sativa and the Indica and the quintessential question regarding the THC to CBD ratio. So, before you put in the search string on Google, “buy my weed online,” here is what you need to consider.

Indica, Sativa and the hybrids

According to experts, for the ideal experience, you need a mixture of both Indica and the Sativa in equal amounts. The Indica strain in isolation can put the user to sleep, and the Sativa is known for imparting energy and, therefore, creativity. This is why the ideal strain the mixture of the two. These hybrid strains are available with most of the reputed sellers. So, carefully comb the product label before making the right choice. Also, take into consideration the THC content of the strain. If you are starting with the marijuana use, keep away from high THC containing strains.

Smell your strain

When the question is about the quality of the strain, the break and sniff approach is the best. Weed has a typical smell, and there are specific markers for the right quality of the strain. These include the fruity aroma, gasoline, or the skunk. Molds are what you should avoid. Moldy strains mean that the product is not fresh. Also, make sure that you avoid strains that give off a strong whiff of chemicals and additives.

About the strains

Keep in mind that marijuana is a traditional herb, and with the practice of crossbreeding, there are several strains with various colors, odors, and effects. You need to understand that the potency of the strain is also dependent on the natural conditions under which it was grown in the first place. Therefore, it is vital to purchase your batch from a reputed seller so that the strain is free from chemicals, pesticides, and artificial additives. You should always research the strains before you make a purchase.

About the THC and CBD ratio

There are several alkaloids present in the cannabis plant. The psychoactive component is the THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, and the non-psychoactive component is the CBD or Cannabidiol. CBD is for the treatment of various disorders like sleep apnea and Dravet syndrome. So, if you are looking for strictly medicinal benefits, you should ideally go for a strain with low THC to the CBD ratio.

It is also essential to identify the strains based on their color. Marijuana strains come in several hues and colors that include red, brown, and golden yellow. It is, therefore, extremely vital to do your research before investing in a product. All the best.