2021 Truck Aftermarket Trends To Keep Your Eye On


Just as the new seasons bring out new fashions, so does the new year bring fresh trends to the car market. If you’re not in the market for a new vehicle, you can still get some of the newer technology and accessories through the aftermarket industry. Bakflip covers, bigger tires and functionality are on trend this year for your ride.

Big Tires

Big tires are ideal for going off-road. With more people taking trips in the personal vehicles to avoid public transportation, more truck owners want to outfit their ride to take on different terrain. Opt for 37-inch tires or larger, but consider whether you need to make modifications to your truck to fit larger wheels.

Simple Styles

Truck owners are opting for minimal style elements rather than fitting out their ride with multicolor lighting and colored accessories. The Bakflip G2 offers sleek styling with durability to hide your truck bed and to secure your gear. You’ll find hundreds of accessories that let you update your truck, whether it’s brand new off the lot or it has a few years on it. Don’t think you need to flaunt your style. Simple, elegant and clean are on trend in 2021.

Economical Choices

Consumers changed their buying habits in 2020, and it’s estimated that it will take a few months if not years to return to their pre-pandemic behavior. Look for aftermarket manufacturers to provide budget-friendly and high-performing options as buyers want to make smarter choices when upgrading their vehicle.

Sensors and Technology

Newer models build sensor and augmented tech into cars and trucks, but the aftermarket industry is catching up to allow owners to have those options for older vehicles or without paying for a new car. Smart mirrors, backup cameras and even AI technology will be available through the aftermarket marketplace.

Niche Markets With a Global Supply Chain

Truck owners can find precisely what they want through technology, giving the aftermarket industry global reach. You can get aftermarket parts delivered right to your door with just a few clicks. The automotive dealer no longer has a hold on the market. Technology is eliminating the need for a brick and mortar location. This opens the market for more innovation across the board as inventors can get their product to market through digital channels.

Consumers Are Using Aftermarket Options

The average age of vehicles is on the increase. Over the past few years, the average age of passenger cars and light trucks has risen to 11.3 years. With more consumers shopping digitally for parts to keep their vehicles running, the aftermarket industry has stepped up to the plate. Consumers can now shop online and get reviews on different manufacturers to find the parts that fit their needs more specifically. Not only is car buying changing, but the way car owners purchase parts and accessories are changing. Finding the right aftermarket part is no longer a task, but a shopping adventure.

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