Principles Crypto and Stock Traders Should Follow During Uncertain Times


The economy can experience massive shockwaves during a pandemic. Businesses crush due to low production and inflation in both consumer and producer prices. During such times, investors would be scared and nervous. They have to derive plans in place to shield them in such trying and catastrophic moments. As a crypto and stock trader, you should be prepared to navigate these rough areas. It’s important to remember that pandemics will pass, but the stock market must recover to sustain the economy. The stock market has never been a disappointing investment, yielding at least 7% profit in the past 10years of existence.   

There are principles to follow as crypto and stock trader to handle your portfolio and tighten your risk management whenever there’s a foreseen uncertainty as what Raffles Credit mentioned.

Here are some of the policies for crypto and stock trader. 

Increasing your emergency fund 

Risk-taking is what defines an entrepreneur. You never know what awaits in the next corner and so you should have an emergency kitty for such uncertainties. Emergency funding is crucial and financial guidance. Crypto and stock traders should have cash set aside to cover at least one 3 to 12 months’ expenses in case of a catastrophe. Emergency funds help in balancing the transactions during a crisis, maintaining the market record of the trader. 

Keep investing for retirement 

It is scary to see your income dropping during retirement. Maintaining your net- worth should be of great focus even during a crisis. For instance, if not yet retired, investors should keep the same strategies that they had even before the crisis, passively investing in cryptocurrency and the stock market. When viewed on a long-term horizon, and economic pandemic should be buying opportunity rather than a selling opportunity. 

Investing during a crisis yields a significant discount after say ten years when the epidemic comes to pass. Focus more on the stock market investment. With a mentality, the stock will recover even after a crisis without worrying about when you will start enjoying the profits. In case you still feel inadequate, seek the best help from Raffles Credit blog articles about the cryptocurrency guide. 

Additionally, bitcoin is not directly affected by the economic crisis like inflation, thus proves to be the best investment to partake during your working tenure. There are high chances of skipping most trying times and earning high profits after a short period. Therefore, investing for retirement is an essential rule for any crypto and stock trader.  

Buying bitcoin 

Generally, bitcoin investment is the only real uncorrelated asset in the world. The underlying factors in the market do not determine its value. Anyone performing risk management and assessment of their portfolio should consider buying Bitcoin. During uncertain times, every trader should have an investment in Bitcoin. It offers insurance against inflations and cons—a fundamental idea for risk management. As a stock trader, buying Bitcoin removes the guesswork and risk of buying. It is a strategy that allows you to buy dips over a long-term basis in a trendy market. Buying Bitcoin is equivalent to investing in equities through the retirement fund. 

Cash is king 

For any portfolio and risk management, money is essential because its value increases during a crisis. Crypto and stock trader must keep at least 10% of their portfolio in cash. This is different from an emergency fund. Treating your money in the crypto portfolio as an asset raises your Bitcoin portfolio’s value when the Bitcoin price drops. Always have cash for flexibility and the ability to buy dips. The same idea applies to stock traders. When equities in the stock market reduce, the buying power of cash increases.  

This is the reason why Warren Buffet sits on $125billion cash as he awaits the value of assets in the market to reduce. Think about this, demand from many companies and countries has created a shortage of dollar currency in the market. This is because the dollar is the world’s reserve currency. During times of crisis, many people and nations will look for dollars due to its high value in the market as compared to other assets. This explains why crypto and stock traders should master the idea of keeping cash in their portfolio ahead of any uncertainty. 


Ideally, nobody should be 10% invested in anything. Exploring different opportunities in the market should be the driving object to any entrepreneur. Regardless of your knowledge in any line of business, anything can bring it to a standstill. Even Bitcoin maximalist needs to have a diversified portfolio which exposure to multiple assets in the market. They need to have numerous choices.  

It’s advisable to create different Bitcoin networks to reduce overreliance on one opportunity. Same to stock traders. Stock traders need to buy cheap equities, real estate, and bonds from different companies to improve their risk management. Nobody knows what comes next; thus, diversification is the best step for any investor. Properly managing your portfolio risk enables you to navigate through some money-related concerns, making excellent investments. 

Trade less often 

As a trader, you need to strategize on a long-term buying framework. Take higher time to spot long-term trade opportunities rather than being caught by the crisis by trading on short-term opportunities. Buying Bitcoin in long-term frames reduces the risk of fluctuation in market prices. Traders who diversify on long-term trade opportunities have high chances to yield more discounts than short-term traders. 

Never trade on emotions  

Lack of objective and discipline is the biggest mistake of trading. Having a Fear of Missing Out when Bitcoin started to spike makes many buyer’s remorse immediately; they begin to crash. They also start selling on loss with fear of losing everything. This is trading on emotion. Trading on emotion leaves many traders with less or no cryptocurrencies. Resulting in massive failure.  

The Bottom Line 

Crypto and stock trading are crucial in any economy since they are not directly affected by the pandemic. Mastering the principles offer guidance to the stability of such ventures. The article provides the basic ideas that lead to successful breakthrough even during uncertain times when well observed. It also serves as a warning to the new to crypto and the stock market.