Important Things to Consider When Renting a Car


Renting a car is often the simplest way to solve all your transport needs when you go travelling; it enables you to stick to your own itinerary and timetable without having to worry about public transport, and it also increases your scope of destination by making it easier to reach those hard to access, remote corners.

When you’re looking into renting a car, there are a fair few choices out there. It’s important to keep just a few things in mind to make sure you get the right vehicle for your needs.

woman in blue denim jacket standing beside silver 5 door hatchback during daytime
  1. The size of the vehicle

As a general rule, a smaller car will be less expensive, which might be a thought that’s top of your list. If you’re going on a trip where you won’t be spending a lot of time in the car, that will be absolutely find – no one minds squishing in for an hour or so every couple of days. However if you’re planning a group road trip or any vacation where you will be spending a lot of time inside the vehicle, don’t be tempted to go for the cheaper, smaller car. Being on top of each other like sardines for extended periods of time is uncomfortable and a recipe for arguments – not worth the savings.

  1. The storage available

Similarly to getting a vehicle the right size for your group, you also need to consider how much storage space you’re going to need. Even if you’re travelling with just backpacks, you still have to factor in storage space for one backpack per person and no one wants to sit with their bag between their legs for a long journey. Make sure you investigate how much storage space there is in the trunk of the car before you choose your rental.

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  1. Getting the right insurance

Getting the right travel insurance policy for the car is also vital, as it’s easy to find yourself at the wrong end of a bad policy when you skimp on your research. Make sure the policy you choose includes coverage for damage in natural conditions such as bad weather, as well as content coverage and coverage for all drivers over 21. This means you’re covered in all eventualities and won’t find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with no car and no money.

  1. Budgeting for gas

Budgeting for gas is something surprisingly often overlooked, similarly to how people forget to budget for food – it’s such an obvious and non-negotiable expense that ti sometimes doesn’t even cross our minds. However, it’s a big chunk of money to factor in so make sure you know what kind of gas your car needs, how much, and how often – and add it into your calculations.

Renting a car for a trip is a great idea – it gives you freedom and flexibility. Just make sure that you’re fully insured, and that there’s enough space for everyone to be comfortable.