Tips on Managing Space and How to Use Storage Units


Are you having trouble managing space in your home or office? Perhaps storage units are the answer to your problems? Knowing some tips and tricks can help householders to manage space and make better use of units. With a little bit of thought, you can easily maximize available space while keeping things organized and clutter-free.

Below, we will discuss some of these space-saving and self storage tips that can help the homeowner or renter make better use of existing spaces and provide guidance on how to make the most out of a storage unit we have decided to rent. So let’s get started!

Plan Ahead

Before you start using storage units, it is important to plan and decide what items are going in the unit and how they will be arranged. 

This will help save time later when packing up your belongings and make sure that no items get left behind. 

Be sure to leave a little space at the end of each aisle for easy access when unloading or loading items.

If you create an inventory of your surplus objects, those that need more protection, and the ones you are constantly tripping up over, then you cannot go far wrong.

Label Everything

Label all boxes and bags that you are putting in storage. This will make it easier to find the item that you need quickly and also helps with inventory tracking if needed.

If you use a self-storage unit to help you move house then labeling will be a part of the whole process anyway because you will want to know the order to open up boxes. Then you can decide when to introduce some of your self-storage items into your home. Some may remain in storage in the name of self-preservation.

Use Shelves

Consider using shelves in the unit to store items. This will maximize the space available and make it easier to organize things.

Inside your home or storage unit, you should maximize the use of space. You are, after all, paying for space in both cases. You have a larger house to accommodate more items, perhaps, and the unit is being paid for per its dimensions.

Choose the Right Size

When selecting a storage unit, make sure to choose one that is the right size for your needs. If you choose one that is too small, all of your belongings won’t fit in and if it is too large, you will be wasting space.

Always consider that you might need to add more items to the self-storage unit as time moves on. As well, one season’s items may take up more space than another when you desire to have a change-around quarterly. It is good to keep creating fresh looks for your home because it will invariably mean that you feel better. Things can become stale, otherwise.

Climate Control

If possible, choose a storage unit with climate control capabilities. This will help protect items that are sensitive to extreme temperatures or humidity levels.

Many items suffer when stored in the wrong conditions. You will need to do a bit of research to find out this but it is all online. Those renting out units can help you in this respect. There will be rules as to what you can store as well as advice on how best to store certain objects.

Generally speaking, anything antique tends to require that bit more preservation. As well, you are protecting its value in many cases, so you will want a nice climate to house it in as well as protection against theft.


Be sure to select a storage unit that has adequate security measures in place such as surveillance cameras and alarms.

In many cases, CCTV is not just used to record the evidence of any crimes but also acts as a monitoring system that can help prevent theft in the first place. Always look for this where possible, and make sure that it is 24/7.

If someone is watching out for suspicious activity, it is even better than footage just being viewed if there is a problem. Staff and technology keeping an eye on your possessions day and night provide the ultimate protection. Particularly in areas where there is an above-average crime rate.


By following these tips, you can manage space and maximize the potential of storage units. With a little bit of planning and thought, you can easily keep your belongings safe and organized.