The importance of a film studio recce

Film Studio

The art of movie-making has remained the same that revolves around Lights, Camera, Action that studio defines the filming or shooting process in a nutshell. It has been that way during the heyday of Hollywood during the twentieth century and still stands good in the 21st century. 

Studios have been the cradle of filmmakers who not only shoot films there but also use its huge infrastructure for completing the filming process and create the product or movie for showing in the theaters. The Studios are entertainment centers for creating a world of make-believe that allow filmmakers to translate their ideas into reality and create and distribute movies and television programs. Studios have everything required for film and video production like sound stages, recording studios, editing, and special effects department and outdoor back-lots for shooting films. Warehouses store filming equipment and lights, cameras, props, old sets, and other items that are part of film memorabilia.

Carry out a recce

To find out the best film studio in Miami, you must undertake a site survey or reconnaissance or recce to determine its suitability in terms of the technical aspects, sound, lighting, logistics, and anything else required for the shoot. The location visit is important to create the shortlist, prepare the technical crew with logistics and kit requirements, build production designs, and above all, understand the health and safety aspects that aid risk assessment.

What to do during the survey

It is extremely important to assess the capabilities of a film studio before deciding to use it for filming. When surveying the studio, you get the opportunity to meet the studio staff and get a feel about how they work. You can discuss across the table about budgeting, rates, payment terms, and legal requirements. This should also include any special requirements like accommodating disabled persons, crew, security arrangements, and technical assistance in the editing process, arranging pick-up on the day of shooting, and even promotions of finished material.  

Normally studios have all arrangements to meet the requirements of filmmakers and provide good logistical support in all areas of shooting and post-production activities. However, during a recce, you can always discover something which may change your ideas and outlook.

Get a feel of the things

During the visit to the studio, you can feel how it would turn out for the cast and crew and whether space, props, and technical support would be just what you need. Check out the practical aspects of using the facility to identify any shortcomings and ask the studio management for redressal so that it does not become a hindrance later.  It is better to have a checklist of the aspects that you need to look at so that you do not miss any point that can turn very critical later.

The more questions you ask better it is for you as well as the studio management because they can make good of anything that falls short of your expectations.

Not doing a recce is a grave mistake because some unfortunate surprises may spring up on the day of the shooting and upset your plans of having a clean and smooth shoot.