The list of 5 top-performing products for your 2020 promotional marketing campaign

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If someone tells you to list off the five promotional products you own, we are sure you could do that. That is how much we remember and value the branded freebies we receive during our first purchase, tradeshows, and sales.

Everyone has at least seen the iconic Ikea bag that people have received complimentary to their daily purchases more than once. The branded bag is bright blue with yellow lettering. Its simplicity and versatility make the Ikea Frakta bag one of the most cherished promotional items ever!

It is a fact – everyone loves promotional products. Each year the list sees a few everyday items, but the majority of the items on the list are new, depending on the evolving market trend. As people’s demands and necessities evolve, so does the list of trending promotional products for companies.

Here are the top 5 products that should perform best in 2020 –

Metal and wooden straws

Everyone is suddenly falling in love with metal and wooden straws. Well, why shouldn’t they? The metal straws in rainbow hues and the sophisticated matte black wooden straws are the right replacements for plastic straws. Plastic straws are non-biodegradable, and current studies show that around 8.3 billion straws pollute the beaches across the world. With the popularization of plastic straw bans across beach towns and cities, many city dwellers are also choosing an environmentally friendly way with reusable branded straws.

When you offer your target customers branded, reusable straws, your business also gains an environmentally-friendly image. The branding cost of wooden costs is not apprehensible for small to medium companies thanks to technology-friendly digital printing options.

The foldable travel mug

Everyone faces this dilemma at least once every week – “Should I carry my own travel coffee mug to work, or should I just order a coffee from the barista next door?” Ordering in seems like the smarter way, till one considers the disposable plastic cup and lid that come with the coffee.

Your company can step in and help your target consumer out by giving out branded, foldable travel mugs. These are the office-goer’s currently had a promotional item in the cities. People can not only carry their favourite brew from home safely to the office, but they can also get a lucrative discount at Starbucks for getting their own mug. These foldable cups are a brilliant way to cut down plastic usage all over the country. 

The moment you choose to brand and hand out foldable travel mugs, which are reusable and durable, you brand yourself as a company that cares about nature and the environment. Visit Superior Resource promotional products to learn more about the different sizes and varieties of foldable mugs you can use for your event.

Branded and printed yoga mats

People are opting for mental health and physical wellbeing over money and luxuries in surveys that assess the factors that influence happiness. It is no wonder that local yoga studios, spin classes, and gyms are filling up fast. There is no age bar among people choosing to kick-start a healthier life.

Yoga mats are the perfect giveaways for the generation of health and fitness lovers. Notably, the mats with quirky messages and attractive design appeal to the younger crowds. If your brand targets the younger generations, you might want to keep that in mind.

Older generations are also reinventing themselves with mindfulness and meditation. Handing out somber but branded yoga mats may be a great idea if middle-aged women and seniors consist of your target customer base.

Jute bags

The era of promotional pens and coasters might not be over, but jute bags are outperforming them by a fair margin. Jute is eco-friendly and a smart alternative to use-and-throw plastic bags. Companies giving out branded jute bags are becoming part of a cause without even trying too hard.

All you need is a plan to finance a particular number of jute totes. Digital printing is not costly, but you need to estimate how many products you will need. It is a calculation that will require help from your marketing team as well as the IT team. You will need information on how many customers you already have, and how many more you plan to attract in the upcoming event.

Remember to choose a bag of high quality with proper support. Its durability will symbolize your brand’s trustworthiness. A promotional product that disappoints an audience always leaves a sordid impression of the company.

The non-woven tote

The non-woven bag is significantly different from jute bags. These are also an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags, but cheaper than jute. The polypropylene bags are water-resistant, making them ideal for carrying soiled clothes after working out, or groceries from the market.

They always come in a wide range of colours and sizes. You can choose the one that fits your budget and your customers’ needs. You can decide to brandish your slogan, brand name, and logo in front of the bag.

If you are about to choose a non-woven bag as your promotional product, you must select a digital printing company that has experience working with similar material.

It might seem like a short and simple list, but these five products can change the way people view your brand.