Can medical marijuana cure epilepsy?


The common notion that medicines are the best cure for every ailment is fast changing! There have been several pieces of evidence where medicine has failed to cure chronic illness. So on most occasions, drugs and pills mostly arrest and suppress the physical symptoms of a disease. There are instances where epilepsy drugs didn’t work correctly for most patients. Naturally, that resulted in premature death for many. Therefore, medical marijuana can be of help.

Epilepsy and medical marijuana

There are anecdotal accounts of epilepsy patients deriving benefits from CBD oil. Therefore there are a few studies as well that suggests that CBD oil can bring relief to complex epilepsy cases in both adults and children. So, of the many examples, one worth mentioning is a twelve-year-old boy named Billy Caldwell, who didn’t have a seizure for close to 250 days after consuming CBD oil. However, once the Heathrow airport authorities confiscated the CBD oil and the boy suffered for not being able to use the same. Once the oil got sourced again and used, Billy could live in a better way again. To know more about how medical marijuana can help epilepsy patients, check out Spark CBD oil for seizures.

The medical evidence

Doctors and also the medical researchers have debated endlessly about the connection between CBD and epilepsy. Simply put, the two primary components of CBD oil are CBD (Cannabidiol), and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is legally available today without a medical prescription.

It is because of the lesser THC content! However, CBD oil that has increased quantities of THC might result in a mental high. Also, THC is a schedule 1 drug with no medicinal properties. Now, the reason the airport authorities confiscated Billy’s CBD oil, is because of the THC content in it along with CBD.

CBD oil

Medical institutions and other pharmaceutical brands have conducted several clinical trials on CBD oil and the way the human body responds to it. The results show that CBD oil has been able to help a few epileptic patients in specific conditions. CBD oil is helpful in Lennox Gastaut and Dravet syndrome. The benefit of the medical industry is that all the complex diseases that have zero cure can get fast-tracked for drug development. And it is based on this, the FDA (Food and Drug Association) today is expected to sanction an official license for medical marijuana or CBD oil for treating epileptic patients.

Today, many countries are legalizing the use of medical marijuana for medical purposes. Furthermore, today, there are cannabis clinics as well, where doctors and other medical practitioners study medical marijuana, keep updated with the latest trends, and researches on ways to use it for treating ailments.

Epilepsy patients can reach out to these clinics and take an initial consultation. Once they get convinced, they can go ahead with the necessary medical tests and get a therapy based on medical marijuana. The doctors and medical experts here provide individual attention to each patient. However, today, the FDA urges medical institutions for more clinical trials so that there can be increased evidence of CBD oil, decreasing the frequency of seizures.