Five Must-Have Road Trip Items for Your Car


Planning a road trip is always an exciting endeavor. This is true whether you’re heading off in a vintage vehicle that’s undergone precision restorations or a modern model that’s built for speed. In either case, it’s bound to be an adventure!

With that being said, a successful road trip often comes down to planning. While the open road is endlessly appealing, being prepared for the unexpected can make it much more manageable. The following are five must-have road trip items to keep in your car when adventure is calling.

1. Spare Tire

Making sure your vehicle has a spare tire, jack, and tools in place could be key to keeping your road trip on schedule. Long journeys are bound to come with a flat at some point. Knowing you have what you need to roll to the nearest repair shop provides peace of mind.

2. UV Window Shades

A road trip takes you to new and exciting places. But the reality is that the weather conditions are going to fluctuate with every new stop.

This makes UV window shades even more important in your must-have lineup. They’re easy to install and keep passengers comfortable on those sunny stretches of road. They can also help you maintain high safety standards, no matter where your trip takes you.

3. Extra Car Key

Locking yourself out of a vehicle during a road trip is a quick way to cut things short. Depending on where you go, it can also be a safety concern.

To that end, having an extra car key at all times is vital. Making a few extra copies doesn’t hurt when you always want to be able to hop behind the wheel at a moment’s notice, either!

4. Portable Gas Container

Even the most well-thought-out road trip can hit a snag on the fuel front. The last thing anyone wants is to realize they’ve miscalculated the distance between gas stations…but it happens!

The best way to avoid this scenario is to keep a portable gas container in the trunk. Knowing you can refuel when needed is important, especially when you’re driving through desolate stretches of terrain.

5. Hands-Free Phone Mount

Long gone are the days of the road trip that relied on a paper map to navigate. These days, cell phones and digital maps are essential when it comes to finding your way.

Having a hands-free phone mount in the car is vital when you’re journeying for hours at a time. This keeps the map at eye level, which improves safety standards and keeps phones from falling under seats along the way.

A hands-free phone mount can also make it easier to place your phone and map close to the car charger. This ensures you’ll never be without battery life or a travel guide.