A look at the bartending tools that are a must have


For showcasing the skills, a bartender will need several tools and equipment that will help him in doing his work precisely and to manage the workflow smoothly. Most event bartending agencies have this equipment, but bartenders also sometimes need to have these on them. Convenience stores mostly sell bartending toolsets at a quite reasonable rate.

Bar Spoon

A bar spoon is vital for layering drinks. It has a handle and a little bowl with holes.

Bottle Opener

It is a necessary tool that not just a bartender, but most people have on their keychains. Along with the bottle opener, a bartender should also have a corkscrew or a two in one tool. You can go for a winged, sommelier, or a screwball corkscrew, which is easy to use.


This is an essential tool for bartending for the preparation of cocktails. Use it for blending ice, syrups, and alcohol.

Glass Rimmer

A rimmer constitutes of three sections, one comprising of sugar, one with salt, and one with a sponge filled with either lemon juice or water.


Using a pestle can be time taking. Therefore, a muddler is mostly recommended for bartenders to crush fruits.


A citrus reamer is necessary if you want to juice any fruit. Nowadays, bartenders also use electric fruit juicers.


A jigger is useful for proper measuring purposes. It is two cone-shaped metal cups that are joint at a single narrow end. These are available in different sizes to quantify the ounces.


Pourer prevents any unwanted flies or insects from entering the drink. It gives control to the bartender.

Paring Knife

It is a sharp knife, small in size, used for cutting fruits for garnishing purposes. Every bartender should have a compact paring knife.


There are many types of shakers that are used by bartenders. The usage depends upon the application of each of the shakers. The main two kinds are standard and Boston. A standard shaker is easy to use than the others. It has a flat bottom, a conical base, a filter, and the cap. A Boston shaker has two cones, and unlike the standard one, one made up of glass and the other stainless steel.

Ice Crusher

An electric or a manual ice crusher is an essential tool for cocktail preparation.


Similar to shakers, there are many kinds of strainers. For example, a Hawthorne strainer has a metal top and is used in combination with a Boston shaker. A Julep is a type of strainer with the shape of a spoon used with a mixing glass.


A zester has two parts. The head has sharp holes for zesting fruits, whereas the channel knife is used for garnishing purposes.

Other items include coasters, napkins, bowls, straws, stirrers, and cocktail picks, among others. All the tools listed above are the necessities of a bartender. And if you are attending any bartending event, you need to tick mark all this equipment. These tools are useful for someone who is just starting out in this field.