All About Fashion and Accessories: Top 7 Rolex Cellini Watch Collections


The Rolex Cellini series received a lot of attention when it first came out in limited editions in 1964. Cellini’s return to Rolex in 2014 adds a fresh twist to the luxury brand’s long history of precision and brilliance. Rolex got such a good response when the Rolex Cellini Dual Time was re-released in 2017 with a sapphire crystal case, multiple leatherette bands, and a 48-hour battery reserve.

Rolex’s latest Cellini invention, which focuses on the moon phase watch obsession, has left purchasers breathless. The Swiss company’s certified watchmakers developed an enduring masterpiece by combining the best quality materials with Rolex’s traditional measures. As a result, anyone who has a Cellini Moonphase may keep track of the moon’s phases, date, and time all at once.

Rolex Collection: Cellini Date With Blue 18k white gold/Leather 39mm

This exquisite Rolex Cellini timepiece has various blue embellishments that give it a refined look. The watch’s case is made of 18kt white gold and has a dual convex and fluted frame. The dial is deep blue in color and features a wood inlay finish. In addition, the watch features a sub-dial and an inner ring with minute indication. The watch’s strap is made of high-quality alligator leather.

Rolex Collection: Cellini Moonphase With White 18k Everose Gold/Leather 39mm

The gold casing of this premium wristwatch is appropriate for any fashion style. This watch features a dial that is unlike any other. A magnificent full moon and a new moon are shown on the white dial with a royal blue enamel disc. The moon phase can be displayed without being jumbled because of the 39 mm diameter. The lunar phases are easy to follow because of the outside rim indexes.

Rolex Collection: Cellini Dual Time With Silver/Leather 39mm

This Rolex Masterpiece is well complemented with black leather straps and a silver guilloche face. The appeal of the wristwatch is enhanced by the gold clasp that wraps it around your wrist. A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protects the dial, which the watchmakers ensure. This watch is a must-have for those posh gatherings, and It’s a timepiece that oozes elegance and sophistication. It’s unquestionably a refined and opulent piece of art.

Rolex Collection: Cellini Dual Time With Black/Leather 39mm

This Rolex Cellini masterpiece features a strong two-dial movement that is perfect for your daily demands. Many people believe it would appear cloudy, but Rolex has ensured that it will be a classy glassy timepiece. The scratch-resistant aspect of the dial made of the sapphire crystal makes this item a great work of art, and the major appeal of this wristwatch is its durability for long-term usage.

Rolex Collection: Cellini Automatic With White Lacquer Dial Brown (Tobacco) Leather Watch 

You’ll stand out from the crowd with this ultra-luxurious Rolex watch. This masterpiece is finished off with exquisite rose gold touch hands and white dials. The back of this watch is quite robust, and the tobacco leather straps are of excellent quality. The gold clasp that secures this wristwatch around your wrist will make you feel at ease. If fashion is important to you, this is a must-have.

Rolex Collection: Cellini Silver Dial With 18K Everose Gold Men’s Watch

This superb Rolex masterpiece is finished in an elegant and scratch-resistant domed sapphire crystal that protects opulent 18k Everose gold hue with a gold-toned buckle and the dial. The bands are made of strong tobacco leather, making this watch stand out from the crowd.

The bezel contains numerous marks all around it, and the date is shown separately on a secondary dial at the 15:00 mark. This elegant timepiece will appeal to any watch aficionado since it boasts a 48-hour power reserve that will set you apart.

Rolex Collection: Cellini Date White Gold Silver

This Rolex watch is a beautifully made wristwatch that exudes elegance. For added robustness, Rolex’s watch has alligator leather straps and Paraflex shock absorbers. In the design of this watch, Rolex has employed a pleasing rose hue, which contributes to its elegance and fashion. In addition, Cellini date is available in four distinct variations, including black or silver dials, giving it a striking gleam.


Rolex has never failed to deliver high-quality items to its business partners and investors. Rolex’s innovation team guarantees that luxury and class combine to create high-quality collections of masterpieces that give them the comfort they desire for all occasions, whether formal or informal. Check out the Watch Shopping website to know more about this elegant timepiece.