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Celebrities Who Have Said No to Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Hollywood is obsessed with youthful beauty and it is quite understandable that numerous actors plastic surgery are compelled to undergo nips, tucks, and facelifts. However, there are still some celebrities who have said a vehement no to cosmetic produces. Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep have never gone under the knife and have so such plans for the future. They prefer to age gracefully instead of remaining a diva forever with cosmetic enhancements.  

Rachel Weisz

Weisz and her two British actress friends Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson have vowed to say a vehement no to cosmetic surgery. Rachel firmly believes that incredibly perfect people do not seem to look beautiful or sexy.

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep has been vocal about the fact that she doesn’t believe in getting plastic surgeries. She is very much against artificial enhancements and cites some of the Hollywood horror stories associated with plastic surgery disasters. Moreover, Streep firmly believes that people who opt for cosmetic surgery attract more undesired attention to their individual features as compared to those who do not bother to get any cosmetic jobs done.

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster personally doesn’t believe in succumbing to plastic surgery. However, at the same time, she has no issues with other people if they wish to get a boob job or a nose job, or any other enhancements if they want. It is more of self-esteem for her. She doesn’t want any kind of discussion about her looks.  She is too happy to grow old gracefully.

Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson is a popular and much-loved British star who has been pretty vocal about Hollywood’s unreasonable obsession with youth. She hates the fact that people are constantly expecting the star to look youthful and beautiful forever. Why should everyone look like 30 when they are 60? She is pretty disappointed with Hollywood expectations.

Diane Keaton

When Diane was growing up, people would never do any plastic surgery. However, today everyone is getting some sort of a job done to enhance their looks and to retain youthfulness. However, Diane Keaton is quite different from the rest and she does not believe in getting a string of surgeries done just to enhance her looks.  

She believes that things could get pretty worse if you go on getting several plastic surgeries one after another. She understands and fears that there could be unanticipated disasters due to failed procedures. People are used to fillers or facelifts. She tells that you would need to undergo both fillers and facelift if you are quite old. But she prefers to grow old elegantly and stay charming forever.

Julia Roberts

Roberts would love to grow old gracefully. She admits to the Telegraph that she has taken a huge risk by not undergoing a facelift. She says that she has already told Lancôme about her wish to be an ‘aging model’ and wishes to be around for another 5 years until she is 50.

Julianne Moore

This popular Oscar-winning actress would never opt for plastic surgery. She, however, does not believe in judging people who choose cosmetic enhancements. She said to The Edit that she would love to grow old naturally with an inherent grace and natural charm.

It takes immense determination and self-confidence to stay away from plastic surgery despite being a Hollywood star.



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