7 Tips to Save on Buying Blinds for Your Home


Everyone needs window coverings for their home, but not everyone gets a great deal on them. If it’s time to upgrade your shades or blinds on a budget, there are ways you can make the process easier and more affordable without sacrificing quality. Check out our top tips to save on buying blinds for your home. With these pointers, you can discover the styles you want, all while finding an installation process and price point that works best for your family. 

  1. Take an Inventory of Your Home 

Before you start shopping window treatments, inspect each room in your home. Check for outdated shades and blinds, coverings with broken hardware or mismatched styles. If you notice any of these common signs of wear and tear, it’s time to consider a replacement. 

Decide whether you’re updating one room or the entire house. Calculate the number of windows you have on your wishlist. Now that you have your inventory, you can come up with a final budget. Be sure to consider extra costs such as taxes, shipping or hardware before deciding to buy. 

  1. Learn About Different Shades and Blinds 

There are a variety of shades and blinds for different living spaces. While it’s important to choose a style that inspires you, you’ll also need to consider durability and functionality. Woven wood blinds and bamboo blinds add beautiful, natural texture to bedrooms and family rooms, but may not be appropriate in kitchens and bathrooms with high moisture content. Roller shades and solar shades are excellent choices for kitchens, sunrooms and living rooms that get plenty of light during the day. 

If you are looking for sliding glass door blinds, consider vertical blinds. They provide the right combination of privacy, fashion and utility. Mini blinds are among the most basic and inexpensive styles and look great in any room. Room-darkening blinds are perfect for bedrooms and nurseries. For a great selection and to get a better idea of what blinds might work in your home check out some online blinds and shades retailers such as The Blinds Source.

  1. Measure Your Windows 

Shades and blinds come in a variety of different sizes. By carefully measuring your windows, you will ensure your window coverings fit properly. This not only makes them look better, but it also ensures you keep light out and help improve your home’s energy efficiency

There are specific ways to measure your blinds based on the style you are interested in. Reading an expert guide on how to measure blinds will help you find the best fit. You’ll also need a few essential tools to take the measurements. These include a measuring tape, as well as a pencil and notepad. 

A cozy living or family room with vertical blinds.

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  1. Do the Installation Yourself 

Some hardware companies and big box stores will sell you budget blinds and then talk you into an additional installation plan. While hiring a home improvement professional can save you some time, it’s simpler than you think to put the shades up on your own. By purchasing the window treatments from the store and installing them yourself, you can save up to hundreds of dollars on your project. 

Before you buy, review the product’s instructions. Make sure you have all of the tools you need and that you’re comfortable with the steps before you take the blinds home. Team up with a family member or neighbor if you need an extra hand or have any questions. In most cases, a DIY installation of a single-window takes just minutes. 

  1. Buy Direct from the Factory 

Most homeowners are comfortable doing the installation themselves, so they can buy direct from the factory to save tons of money. Many blinds manufacturers are now selling their range of products online with perks like free shipping, no sales tax and a lifetime warranty. Plus, since you can shop on your couch in your pajamas, you’ll save time and you won’t have to haggle. 

It’s just as easy to buy direct as it is to go to a hardware store. First, visit the factory site of your choice to find a style you like. Then, measure your windows according to the product’s measurement instructions. Once you have your numbers, match them up to the shades you like and add the measurements to the online order form. In a matter of days, a custom set of blinds will show up at your door. 

  1. Shop During Sales and Deals 

Whether you’re looking for vertical blinds or a colorful set of Roman shades, you’ll save the most money if you shop the manufacturer’s sales. Check their website often for 48-hour clearances and seasonal deals. Since you’ll know what you want ahead of time, you can act fast. 

The digital age makes online customer service easier. Some of the top factories are known for helping homeowners online in creative ways, including email and live chat. Other ways to learn about deals include a company’s social media platforms, email newsletters and text announcements. 

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  1. Think About the Future 

A practical way to save on blinds is to think about your family’s future. Will you be expecting a baby in a few short months? Consider cordless blinds, which help to keep curious infants and toddlers safe. Coverings and window treatments with safety features are also excellent for pets. Other considerations include whether you plan on making major renovations to your interior or if you want to change your home décor in the next few years. 

Homeowners who may move or relocate can also save money by buying something classic and versatile. Light-filtering cellular shades in neutral colors like cool white and antique linen look timeless in any household. Faux wood blinds are popular because they match almost any interior and repel damage due to excess moisture. White vertical blinds in faux wood-tone or fabric will easily transition from one patio door to another, while sheer shades and zebra shades can accent both traditional and contemporary homes. 

Getting the Best Window Blinds While Saving Money  

It’s possible to enjoy the best window blinds on the market at a price that fits your budget. By following the simple tips above, you can find quality shades and coverings at a modest price. Once you secure the savings, you can buy even more blinds for your entire home. You may even have the extra cash to purchase the luxury window treatments you’ve always wanted.