How to Fix Paper Jam Issues on the HP Printer?

HP Printer

Encountering the paper jam while using the HP printer is quite common. Paper jam is a universal issue and can happen with any printer or users. In this post, we will describe what paper jam is and will talk about effective resolution methods.

What is Paper Jam?

When a piece of paper gets stuck in the printer while performing its basic task which is printing, it is known as the paper jam issue. It seems quite a simple problem but it is more than that.

And built with advanced machinimas. It instantly displays the issue on the screen whenever the paper. But, the occurrence of this issue at regular intervals can damage the machine and also hamper the operation process in big organizations.

Fix Paper Jam Issue in Hp Printers

Turn off the device

Turning off the device can remove all the heat which is moving into the components

Open all doors of Device

To know what exactly is the problem, you need to unbox the HP printer and open all the paths from where the printing task works. If you don’t know which door needs to open to fix the problem try to remove the input tray first or open the panel to get the exact idea.

Gently pull out paper sheets

Now check for the papers that are stuck in the tray, also the scraps. Pull the paper out carefully. When it is out, clean it properly and remove all the paper from it. If you found something broken into the internal part try to replace it with the new one.

Close all doors and turn on the device.

After finishing the cleaning of the tray put it back into the position and start the machine by plugging all the cables. Once it turns on Print a test page on the hp printer if everything is clear, enjoy printing, and if not move on to the underneath steps.

Check Printer is connected with WiFi properly

The cable connections are important to make the printer work. And you may also face Offline Error on HP Printer. The network, Ethernet and power cables needed to be properly configured and inserted to the socket for both power and network connection. For a wireless printer, check for the network connectivity. Also, changing the socket for your cables can help in most of the cases. Both ends of the cables i.e. to socket and device should be properly connected.

Check USB connections:

  • If you use a USB cable connection and it turns offline, restart your printer and check the cable connection cable. Then, follow the below-given directions:
  • Shut down your devices, printer, and computer and then disconnect the USB cable from PC
  • If the cable is damaged, replace it with the new one.
  • Check for the length of the cable and make sure it is shorter than 3m.
  • Change the port of the USB cable and make sure it is 2.0 and not less than that. Directly plug the cable to the computer instead of attaching it to a USB hub or docking station.
  • The cable should be connected to both ports.
  • Now, switch on the computer and complete the startup.
  • Make sure the printer is in the active mode and if you have Windows OS installed on your device. Wait for the computer till the new printer is installed your device.

Reset the printer

Resetting would be the last arrow in the bow. To fix the paper jam give a try underneath the step.

  • Turn off the printer machine
  • Now remove all the cable attached to the printing machine including the power cable from the main switch.
  • Wait for 60 seconds at least
  • Now put all the cable in the required plugins and press the start button of the printing machine
  • Now check if the issue has been resolved.

Hopefully it will resolve the issue, if not visit the HP support website and take help of HP Support Assistant.