Pierce County Reports First Corona Death as the Toll in Washington Races Beyond 50


Health officials in Washington have announced on Wednesday, March 18, that 12 more people have died from complications from the COVID-19. Among the 12 people who have died, 10 are from King County. Residents while the first death was reported from Pierce County that had a link to the illness. A third death was reported from Clark County. The statewide count of coronavirus cases went up by 175 cases on Wednesday. That brings the total number of ill people to 1,175 and also 67 deaths.

10 more deaths from King County

On Wednesday, King County public health officials reported 44 new coronavirus cases as the death toll of the county reached 56. According to an official statement, King County now has 572 cases confirmed to have links with the illness as confirmed by lab tests. Among those who have lost their lives to the deadly virus recently is Dr. Steven Schwartz, a professor of pathology at the University of Washington, as confirmed by the faculty members of the University. According to the public health officials, another 5 residents of the Life Care Center in Kirkland have succumbed to the disease. All the deaths announced on Wednesday involved patients between 60-90 years old.

According to officials, three residents of King County have been sent to isolation or quarantine at a motel in Kent following the evaluation by a health professional. The city of Shoreline has announced opening a temporary 200-bed hospital on a soccer field for those who do not have homes or unable to stay isolated at home without risking spreading the infection to other family members.

The first death in Pierce County from COVID-19

A Puyallup woman in her fifties was the first casualty to the complications of coronavirus in Pierce County, as confirmed by the Pierce County Health Department of Tacoma. The woman was admitted to the MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital on March 6, where she was treated for two weeks but succumbed to the complications of the disease. However, the health officials confirmed that she had multiple underlying health conditions.

The Pierce County Executive, Bruce Dammeier, condoled her death in an emotional statement by hailing her as an incredible community volunteer, a doting mother and also a beloved daughter who was active in the school to which her daughter went. He reminded all about the deep grief that has fallen upon the people of the county due to the untimely passing away of the lady.

Washington deaths cross 50

Therefore the number of deaths in Washington has crossed 50 on Tuesday, March 17, as confirmed by health officials. As the number of positive cases in Washington crossed 1000, it also recorded the highest number of deaths in the US. This includes the first fatal cases reported from Clark County that confirmed the death of a couple in their 80s who were hospitalized at Peace Health Southwest Medical Center and also died on the night of March 16. One of them was living in an assisted living community and also the other in a small adult family home.

This week, Gov. Jay Inslee imposed new rules to minimize the spread of the virus.