The Four Major Types Of Pile Drivers


Excavation machinery has a significant role in the construction sector. Proper machinery is essential to ensure that every building or infrastructure is durable and reliable for the years to come. Pile drivers are one of the powerful machines that construction companies use to make foundations for buildings. The role of Pile drivers is vital as the whole building will stand on the piles they produce. Therefore, choosing the proper type of pile driver and using it is a thrilling task for construction companies. If you are interested in how the construction industry works and excavation machinery, keep reading to learn more. 

Vibratory Hammer Pile Driver

A vibratory hammer pile driver uses the spinning technique to cut the soil. This technique enables the vibratory hammer pile driver to dig the ground properly. In this way, the vibratory hammer can vibrate the soil particles that are placed together. The vibrations make it easier for the pile driver to overcome the natural resistance that comes in the way of digging the pile. Apart from the superior performance to build foundations, this type of pile driver also operates at relatively low noise. The specific design of the vibratory hammer pile driver cancels out the horizontal vibrations by the vertical vibrations. A major advantage of vibratory pile hammer is that these can be used underwater as well. 

Diesel Impact Hammer Pile Driver

This machine gets its name from the two-stroke engine that it contains. The driving weight of the pile driver is present in the rim. The upper part of this machine is called the cylinder. The combustion of a fuel produces a cycle of the heavy-hitting pile on the earth’s surface. This process makes this type of pile driver provide more power than other types of pile drivers. Their uniqueness also enables them to work for different varieties of soil and pile types. The compact design of the diesel impact hammers allows the manufacturers to produce compact and weighty pile driver models. The compact diesel hammers are perfect to use in remote areas. 

Hydraulic impact hammer pile driver

With the change in the approach to using more environmental-friendly machines, the hydraulic impact hammer is becoming more popular in the construction industry. These drivers prove to be an alternative to the traditional diesel impact hammer pile driver. The hydraulic impact hammers use hydraulic packs instead of the diesel engine. Hydraulic packs enable these pile drivers to reach the superior speed of 80 blows/min that is not possible to achieve with the diesel impact hammer driver. The low level of noise coming out of these pile drivers and their environment-friendliness has made them famous in the modern world.

Steam Impact Hammer Pile Driver

The steam impact hammer pile drivers are also known as air hammer pile driver. The first-ever steam hammer was invented in the United States in 1845. The three major types of these hammers are Single acting air/steam hammer, Differential acting air/steam hammer, and the double-acting air steam hammer. The use of air or steam in these pile drivers enables them to work on all soil types. The average performance that steam/air impact hammer can reach is around 60 blows/min. The shorter strokes that this driver produces make them ideal for construction needs.  

Final Words

The four significant types of pile drivers are an integral part of the excavation machinery. Their names are vibrator hammer, steam impact, hydraulic impact, and diesel impact. All of these types are specific to different construction needs. Choosing the right pile driver and operating it properly on construction sites is the key to constructing buildings that will last longer.