Suunto: The Best Multi-Sport SmartWatches


Are you thinking of participating in triathlons, duathlons, or ultra marathons? You should consider picking up a Suunto watch, as it will be your buddy for the long haul. The company, started by Tuomas Vohlonen, was founded on the idea of precision since Tuomas has innovated water-based compasses, which are more precise than the dry ones.

Seeing how the company started has come a long way within the 80 years of its existence. The company has reemerged as a top multi-sport watch company that has highly competent and performing pieces. Keep reading on this list, and you might find the best Suunto watch for you.

Suunto 9 Baro

Let’s start with the flagship model of Suunto. The Suunto 9 Baro. The has two distinct features from the base model, Suunto 9. It has a Sapphire Crystal Glass at the front, which is known to be scratch-proof and durable next, as the name suggests a barometer, perfect for high performing hikers or people who do intense outdoor training.

This is perfect for serious hikers who want to track elevation changes and their hike or climb intensity. This is a very niche market, but this is a testament to its drive to be effective and precise with their products. You will need to shell out 20% more for the added features, but it is worth it and will be a well-loved product of serious performers.

Suunto 9

The Suunto 9 is in no way a step down from the featured pack brother the Suunto 9 Baro. It still boasts wrist heart rate features, a range of tracking, different power management options, a vibration motor, and water resistance of up to 100 meters. This is a feature-packed watch, and it’s a big watch packed with all these goodies. 

The watch retails about $499, and it’s not a bad deal at all. It has all the precision and bests that Suunto has to offer. It’s worth the price tag as you will be getting more than what you paid for. The perfect buddy that will never let you down can keep tracking for 120 hours, which will be more than what most people need. 

Suunto 7

The middle child of the Suunto family, the Suunto 7. Features include the Wear OS platform, which gives it loads of features. It also offers offline maps and a large and very vibrant display. Which is perfect for night runners but more on highly lit areas like hiking spots. It will be tricky to navigate at first, but you will use it efficiently once you get used to the shortcuts.

It has a lot to offer, and with a tremendous built-in GPS, a good heart rate monitor, and again the offline maps are perfect for tracking and the very cool cycling/running heatmaps. It’s an excellent value for its price, and the more you get used to it, the more you will be able to maximize each feature and even have a breeze when running, cycling, hiking, and even swimming.

Suunto 5

The light and compact version of the Suunto 9, the Suunto 5, doesn’t lag with its big brothers. It’s a daily beater and works just fine. This is more designed towards daily training and also doubles as a lifestyle watch, which features smart battery modes and even lasts up to two weeks on time mode. 

It’s safe to say that Suunto 5 is made for people who are discovering the multi-sport smartwatch market. What makes it attractive for beginners is the price. It’s cheap, reliable, and has an improved global positioning system. Once you stop training or running, the watch can provide useful metrics you can use for long term tracking and training planning. 


The Suunto family of watches is great to have, especially when you are a high-level athlete looking for ways to improve. Using the heart rate monitors, data logs, and tracking, you can check where your performance lies and find which changes are needed to make you even a level higher. Start your athletic improvement with Suunto.