Is casual sex for you?


Exchanging caresses, enjoying good times, being uninhibited, feeling comfortable with each other, talking about sexuality openly, doing whatever feels right at the time… these are some of the most common desires that cross people’s minds when it comes to relationships.

It seems like a lot to ask, doesn’t it? But it isn’t. It’s not the status of a relationship that determines its reliability. It should not matter whether it is a casual sporadic relationship or a serious partnership to determine whether it is healthy or not.

And it is because of this and many other taboos that pervade society that perhaps even today many people are still unable to freely enjoy their sexuality.

In the case of women this is even more accentuated, as due to a hierarchical patriarchal culture, many are forced to repress their desires and expressions of sexuality, among others.

Skokka, the leading portal in the adult sector, understands perfectly the importance of sexual freedom and all the benefits it brings… So with the help of the most beautiful Canberra escorts will explore the topic of casual sex, because in the end, would that be for everyone?

Why some people don’t feel good having casual sex?

All forms of bonding, especially sexual bonding, are extremely personal. Each person is unique and, therefore, their desires and willingness to explore pleasure without guarantees can vary considerably. 

Some people enjoy and even feel empowered by the practice of casual sex, while others feel a real need for bonding, albeit on a larger or smaller scale, before they go to bed with someone. The truth is that there is no right answer, the key is to know oneself and how far one can go.

Depending on the moment of life, sex can be done with the sole intention of having pleasure, as in the case of intense nights with a Cardiff escort. On the other hand, sometimes people may expect something more from an intimate encounter, so it is important to ask themselves some questions to be realistic about what it is. If you’re looking for some company, take a look at escorts Birmingham for some great options.

Be honest about it

Many people are genuinely interested in having pleasure and enjoying the moment, while others would prefer to have a stronger bond with their sexual partner and only have casual sex to facilitate further encounters… It is important to be honest about this, as over time, it may not be good for one of the involved parts.

Casual sex as a bargaining chip

I give you moments of pleasure in bed and you give me attention/care/love…. Unfortunately this is a very present reality nowadays with so-called fuckbuddies, and what would that be? Basically it is when one of the two parties involved is interested in bonding and advancing the relationship, while the other has made it clear that having fun and sex is enough for them. In this situation, many women end up having casual sex in the hope that this will turn into a stable relationship, but it almost never happens. 

Using casual sex as a source of escapism

Many people end up using casual sex as an escape from their personal pains and processes. Having casual sex to get over an ex, to hide low self-esteem and assert oneself to society and to oneself, or even to show friends that one is a “cool” person.

Just as there are some points to be noted for not doing it and regretting it, there are many reasons for indeed engaging in casual sex according to the sexy Ludhiana escorts.

Green flags for:

Green flags for casual sex

  • People who want to innovate and relate in a new way sexually.
  • People who are comfortable enough with themselves to understand that having casual sex does not determine whether they are a “marriageable” person or not.
  • People who are tired of worrying about the taboos and prejudices that society has carried with it for thousands of years…
  • People who are not afraid to get involved: yes, it can happen, even if it is not the aim.
  • People who at this moment do not want emotional attachments and are clear about this.
  • People who are open and eager to meet people and have a good time, which is highly encouraged with escorts London.

Many of the problems that make it difficult for people to have sex or relate to each other have to do with the prejudiced influences that society tends to spread, such as that if one has sex without commitment, that person is not for a relationship, that sex cannot be done only to satisfy the primary needs of pleasure, among many others.

The reality is that there is no right or wrong, the individual themselves through personal questions (where it is very important to be sincere about it) must come to a conclusion whether casual sex is for them or not.

It is important to be clear whether the person likes it or not, to be respectful and make it transparent about the expectations of the sexual encounter, to be comfortable with it and, of course, use condoms and protect oneself at all times.