Game of Thrones prequel: All you need to know

Game of Thrones

With the shitty ending we all got from diligently following Game of Thrones, many have been wondering if there was ever going to be something else coming. I mean, there are over a thousand ways Game of Thrones could have ended, but HBO wasn’t going to give us the satisfaction and shit the bed. Needless to say, if HBO ever wanted to pick off where they left off, they possibly can as they were tons of answered questions. However, a couple of days ago and even months before now, news broke out about something even better. A Game of Throne prequel titled “BLOODMOON“. For followers of George R.R Matins books and HBO fans, this prequel could fill the shoes left by Game of Thrones. Not only that, answer questions we hoped would have been answered in Game of Thrones.

Here is everything you need to know about Game of Thrones prequel.

It will take places thousands of years before the timeline of the first Show

GoT prequel, 5000 years prior to Game of Thrones

Through Game of Thrones, names such as Brandon the builder, the first men and the children of the forest were mentioned. The common thing with those mentioned names was they all lived thousands of years before the timeline of the Game of Thrones. According to HBO, the prequel will tell the story of the origin of the white walkers, the untold history of Westeros, the starks, the children of the forest and the first men. Trying to paint a vivid picture of what the show will entail alone is getting me excited. I just hope HBO won’t shit the bed this time around.

Some cast have been revealed

GoT prequel cast

While production has been confirmed to have commenced, here are some of the cast who have been revealed. Naomi watts the King Kong actress, Miranda Richardson from harry potter films, Marquis Rodriquez from manifest, John Simm from Strangers, Richard McCabe from Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, John Heffernan from Dracula, and Dixie Egerickx from Summerland.

George R.R Martin will be involved

George R.R Martin will feature in game of thrones Prequel productions

Unlike the predecessor of the prequel, George R.R Martin will directly be involved in the making. Many have argued that if he was really included in the production of Game of Thrones, perhaps the series would have been extended and had a better ending. Alongside Martin, the producer of X-men, Kingsman and Kick-Ass Jane Goldman will also be involved in the making.

Rumored to be called the Long Night

the long night: game of thrones prequel

For many who are familiar with the GoT series, especially the last installment, you will understand what the term long night represents. Martin teased on his blog what the title would be, and although HBO didn’t like the act, this is confirmation on what was initially stated the show will be about.

The original crew will most likely stay out of it

game of thrones cast

While many of GoT fans will be excited to see some of the original GoT characters play other roles in the prequel, have got news for you. HBO wants little or no involvement of the original GoT cast in the prequel.

SJ Clarkson will be directing the pilot episode

game of throne prequel
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Markus Schreiber/AP/REX/Shutterstock (6975532f) SJ Clarkson Director SJ Clarkson attends a photo-call for the movie Toast at the International Film Festival Berlinale in Berlin on Germany Berlinale, Berlin, Germany

Known for her shows in orange is the new black and other great shows, Clarkson has shown her creativity for the production she has made. She has been stated by HBO to be an executive producer of the GoT prequel alongside Martin, Goldman, James Farrell, Vince Gerardis, Jim Danger Gray, Daniel Zelman, and co-executive producer Chris Symes.

It won’t be on screen till at least 2020

There won’t be much of anticipation if we aren’t required to wait now will there. HBO has currently not stated a release date for the prequel, but considering GoT just ended, there is going to be an at least one year break before the prequel hit our screen. 

What will happen in the GoT prequel

Well, with the name it’s given or rumored to have been given, it is pretty obvious what the story would be about. It will feature the battle between the first men, children of the forest and the white walkers. Martin stated that the prequel will date back 5000 years before the timeline of the just concluded GoT timeline.

Filming has begun

game of thrones prequel

The HBO president over programming Casey Bloys stated that production will commence in June in north Ireland. Other reports also stated the same news, and as of publishing this article, it can be said that production has started for the GoT prequel.

There will be No Dragons

game of thrones prequel

Sad but that’s the report. Seeing from the books dragons were brought by Targaryen’s, the time the series will be featured in will be before that. This means there will be no dracaryes nor an iron throne.

There is a clue in one of Martins book

game of thrones prequel

HBO has confirmed that everything will be fresh. Martin further elaborated on that by saying there will be as little as 2 lines about the sequel in one of his books. Everything which will be portrayed on the screen will fully be built on nothing but those 2 lines of text. Not sure that’s the kinda clue you hoped for, but that’s what we all get.

Final thoughts

So that’s it, everything we know about the GoT prequel so far. I hope you like it

PS: if you know any information I left off the list, please live it on the comment section, and I will add it up. And of course, you take the credit ;).

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