PDFBear Files: The 3 Useful Features of PDFBear to Manage Your Electronic Files›

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PDF has been known as the best format for any electronic file. In fact, many industries have been using it because of the security and quality it provides. Both small and big businesses also utilize the PDF format due to its accessibility and portability. 

Besides that, most people in the business world usually have a busy schedule. Hence, these busy people seem to need the most comfortable access to their electronic files whenever they need them, especially during business meetings or conferences. That’s why they use PDF format in their electronic files for these reasons, and the excellent PDF file management platform that they can use is PDFBear. 

PDFBear is a website that will allow you to utilize their online tools to manage and organize your electronic files on your computer or smartphone. You can do so many things in your files, and for you to learn more about them, you can check the details below to know the different useful features of PDFbear that will surely help you manage and organize your electronic files. 

PDF Unlock

Encryption will give your files the protection from any unauthorized access. Most especially if these files contain confidential information, security is of paramount importance. If your file is encrypted, you must always provide a password before you can access it. 

However, if you forget the password, that’s a big problem, especially when you badly need the files’ information. Thanks to PDFBear because it has a feature called PDF unlock that will help you remove the password you’ve set up a few weeks or months ago. By doing so, you can now reaccess the file and use it for your task at work or school. 

Then, you can always set up a new password to that same file in the future. Make sure to choose a password that you can easily remember. Hence, this is one of the useful features of PDFBear that will surely help you with your files in the future.

PDF Protect

Like what was previously mentioned, security is very important for your files, especially if they contain valuable and confidential information. Aside from unlocking encrypted files, PDFBear is also an expert in processing encryption. 

You only need to upload your files on the online tool of PDFBear. Then, provide a password you want for your files. Wait for the system to save your password and process encryption. Once done, you can now download the encrypted files to your computer’s hard drive or smartphone. It’s how easy it is to set up a password for your electronic files. 

PDF Organize

You might have experienced getting into trouble when looking for a particular electronic file in your disorganized computer folder. It’ll surely take time to locate the file that you need. With the PDFBear organization feature, it’ll surely solve your problem. It allows you to merge multiple electronic documents into one single file. 

If you have files with similar content, you can combine them. You can also merge different files with the same purpose. By doing this, it’ll surely save space in your computer folder. If you have thousands of electronic documents, it’ll surely become hundreds. It’ll then become more manageable and easy to organize. Hence, PDFBear is a great help to manage all your electronic files. 


File management isn’t an easy task, especially when you’re using these electronic files almost every day.  Hence, you need a reliable tool to help you. That’s why PDFBear is available in the market to provide people with the help and assistance they need for their electronic files. Hence, if you haven’t tried using any of the PDFBear tools yet, you better start using it now to manage all your files on your computer or smartphone in a stress-free way.