Pros and Cons of A Concrete Driveway

better parking area
better parking area

Concrete is a very popular construction material for a driveway, and for good reasons too. A concrete slab is well noted for its strength, durability and usually requires very minimal maintenance over its prolonged lifespan. This incredible strength and durability make this building material a good value for money when it comes to paving large areas of land. On the other hand, as a surface for driveways, concrete tends to be less pocket-friendly to install than other materials like gravel, and asphalt. 

However, it is also still less costly to install and maintain than brick, concrete pavers, or even cobblestone and can outlast almost all other alternatives currently to be had in the market. On the flipside, plain gray concrete may be unremarkable in appearance, though it may be colored or stamped to produce a distinctive and eye-catchy driveway surface. Here then are the main pros and cons of settling for a concrete driveway, when compared to most other commonly used alternative construction materials. 


 A concrete driveway, when installed properly, can remain in continuous service for up to 50 years. This is particularly the case when it is well maintained and cared for. To this end, this construction material is one of the most cost-effective solutions in the context of longevity. Generally speaking, you might only need to lay a driveway of this sort once during the duration you occupy your home. Concrete as well presents a remarkably durable driveway surface.  When properly installed and maintained, your concrete driveway will stand the test of time. A concrete driveway is also low-maintenance. Yet, to make sure it has a long lifespan, you will have to keep it clean and sealed. On the cleaning aspect, a good scrubbing with a stiff brush and hose, every now and then, will do the trick. When it comes to sealing, you should apply a quality sealer no more than once per year. A concrete driveway is as well extremely strong. Once correctly installed with a sound base and reinforcement, it will stand up to heavy vehicle and foot traffic.


First of all, concrete is not a very attractive building material, especially when it is left in its plain gray condition. Nevertheless, you can apply decorative concrete techniques such as coloring, staining, or stamping to significantly improve its looks. Still, these treatments necessitate more commitment in their maintenance and cannot last longer than plain concrete. Additionally, this construction material necessitates yearly maintenance, particularly sealing to prolong its lifespan. Further, accidental leaks from vehicle oil and fluids will give rise to stains that might prove to be hard to eliminate, and thus permanently mar the appearance of your driveway. On a parting shot, concrete has never been a DIY-friendly building material for big projects like laying out a driveway. Properly installing concrete driveways requires extremely hard labor. So, in most cases than not, you might stand in need of the services of a professional and seasoned Concrete Contractors Raleigh NC company to achieve outstanding results.