Remove and Replace Moldy Shower Caulk

Moldy Shower Caulk
Moldy Shower Caulk

Shower corners get rotten and stained because of the steady openness to cleanser filth and water. Individuals complete caulking in the corners to seal them and to forestall the occurrence of form and stains. Caulking is a conventional act of fixing you give corners a silicon-based caulk. Yet, stripping and harmed caulk was a typical issue. Regularly recaulking is done after the old caulk strips or breaks, remembering the way that you should rehash it following a couple of months. For years, individuals have been occupied with this defective practice, which gave them impermanent help and increasing expenses. So is there any better solution? Yes, there is! In this article, we shall guide you on how to remove and replace moldy shower caulk.

Before we read about how to perform this procedure, let us understand why caulking is bad.

Problems with Caulk:

  • Caulk will in general strip off in wet settings and break in dry settings.
  • The moistness consistently present in showers additionally prompts shape reproducing, which further falls apart the caulk, frequently leaving a blackish green stain. 
  • Caulk tends to shrink or crack in dry weather and tends to peel off if the conditions are very humid. Water collects in the gaps and gives birth to mold. Mold and mildew when left ignored cause health hazards and also reek of a bad odor. 

So What is a Better Solution?

A progressive caulk substitute – Sentura is the best option in contrast to caulking. It has supplanted caulking as well as given a lasting answer for fixing shower corners. Sentara is a two-section adaptable epoxy/gum based on a 1200psi establishment.It never pops from the surface and delivers a permanent seal. It can be pigmented in more than 40 colors, making it an excellent solution to match your shower tile. Caulk will in general strip off in wet settings and break in dry settings. 

How is Sentura better than Caulk?

  • Sentura does not crack in dry weather conditions
  • It does not peel off like caulk does in humid settings
  • You can expect permanent solutions with sentura, but with caulk you cannot.
  • Sentura does not have a bulky appearance like caulk.
  • Sentura can be pigmented in more than 40 shades, enabling you to match it with your tile corner. Caulk gives a whitish and bulky appearance on your corners, ruining its overall look.

How to Remove and Replace Damaged Moldy Shower Caulk?

For replacing moldy shower caulk,  a proper procedure has to be followed:

  • The existing caulk should be first removed.
  • Before applying Sentura, you must clean the entire tile and grout area with a good cleaner. You can try using Imperia Deep Clean from pFOkUS, which is a deep-penetrative tile and grout cleaner.
  • Once the corners are dry, high-quality epoxy resin adhesive  -Sentura should be used to fill in the corners.
  • Once the epoxy resin filler has properly covered all the grout lines, it is best to seal the grout lines with an epoxy resin grout sealer to prevent any further damage.

How to Apply Sentura as a Replacement for Caulk?

Here are some instructions on how to use Sentura when purchasing a Sentura kit from pFOkUS. You get Centura, containers, mixing stick, and applicator bag in the kit.

  • Combine all the ingredients of both containers A and B in a separate empty container.
  • Mix the contents properly with the mixing stick given in the kit.
  • Now pour this content in an applicator bag and start filling all the cracks and voids with Sentura.
  • Smoothen the lines with water as you proceed.
  • Sentura will take some time to dry up.

The extra build-up appearing while applying Sentura cannot be avoided. Centura cannot be cleaned by water. You will need Alco to clean the buildup. All these products – Sentura kit, Alco and tile, and grout cleaner – Imperia Deep Clean can be purchased from pFOkUS. 

This is how you can remove and replace moldy shower caulk with Caulk Substitute – Sentura. If you feel you cannot perform all the procedures yourself, you can hire D’Sapone artists to do it for you.