Which are the CBSE Top Schools in Noida Extension?

CBSE Top Schools
CBSE Top Schools

Education is one of the most important phases of a person’s life and everything that they are as adults has its roots in what they learned in schools. Hence, it is very crucial to find the top school in Noida Extension which will sync with your child’s intelligence, temperament, and creativity and eventually help them to attain overall success in life.


There are certain factors to consider like affordability, infrastructure, curriculum, faculty and management, core values of the school, etc, to find the best school for your children. It is vital to do your own research. Before filtering out schools for your children, try to analyze what works best. Talking to similar-minded parents and asking them for suggestions might also be of help. Examine your budget and find a school with a reasonable fee structure providing good academic training along with other activities because Noida has top schools across all price ranges. 

The values and beliefs imparted by the school is also a significant factor. It should match your family’s morals and values. The school’s infrastructure should be considered too. Check if the school surroundings are clean and see if it has adequate and specific spaces for conducting different activities.

The school curriculum is the most important factor of all because the curriculum forms the foundation on which your children’s career can be achieved. Some schools provide more than one curriculum. CBSE schools work best in our country because a lot of schools offer CBSE in most cities and there is also a sense of uniformity that helps parents who get transferred frequently, especially ones working for the government. ICSE provides deep knowledge of the subject and is a little difficult to cope up with when compared to CBSE. It is the best for children who want to pursue Humanities as higher studies and international boards are generally chosen by students wanting to go abroad. 

The following are the Top Schools in Noida Extension:


Global Indian International School (GIIS) is one of the best CBSE schools in Noida. It has won awards in the Innovators category of the prestigious Times School Survey (2020). The school has a world-class campus providing distinguished opportunities to all the students. It helps them to achieve their highest potential and grooms them to become great leaders of tomorrow. The school was established in the year 2002 with the main focus to change students into well-developed citizens and provide them with a global platform through its quality education, skilled faculty, infrastructure, and ultra-modern facilities. 

The school believes that not only academic excellence but also extracurriculars should have equal importance. The students’ holistic development is given the utmost priority here. Each and every student gets an opportunity to learn from people belonging to different cultures and multiple perspectives as it is an international school. This adds to their personality. The school also gives scholarships that mold the future of students and open a gateway to top-notch universities all over for them. The scholarships also help students financially who wish to pursue education in an international school but can’t afford the same.


It is one of the top CBSE schools in Greater Noida West. The school has an innovative curriculum and transformational pedagogy and seeks to relay “new education for new consciousness”. The school provides many performing arts and visual arts programs and hosts multiple fests from time to time offering children an escape from the mundane academic routine. It is also very active in conducting social awareness camps which teach the children to give back to society.


Shri Ram Global School has been established under Shri Ram Education Trust which is reckoned highly within our country for its credibility in providing the best education possible. The school’s main focus is to bring a difference in society by encouraging children to become active participants in the teaching-learning process. They wish to impart right values in the children’s lives. The school is very well equipped with math and science laboratories, a well-stocked library, and even a discovery room.


When searching for top schools, look at the faculty and the management. The teacher-to-student ratio should be considered. There shouldn’t be a lot of students in one class as it will be difficult for the teacher to pay attention to all. Talk to the teachers and faculty working in the school. Talking to them will help you understand their communication skills and their teaching style. Also, see if the school has a full-time specialized staff like a psychologist or a counselor. 

These were the different aspects of choosing the top schools in Noida Extension. Analyze them and make a proper decision.