Fitness enthusiasts can stay in shape through some quick tips shared by Ram Duriseti

Ram Duriseti
Ram Duriseti

To combat COVID-19, governments are creating virtual borders and putting people under lockdown. Cutting down on the movement of the masses is the need of the hour. However, the more people stay at home, the more their physical and mental health gets affected.

Due to lockdown, people do not have access to the gym, workout studios, and fitness centers. Thus, Ram Duriseti has some excellent tips for fitness enthusiasts which can help them stay in shape even amid lockdown.

Workouts that do not require fancy gym equipment –Ram Duriseti

Ram Duriseti gives a list of exercises that you can follow while in a lockdown situation. They are as follows:

  • Jumping jacks: The best warm-up exercise that is quite popular is jumping jacks. They are the first step towards having a long and enduring workout session. It would be best if you spread your legs and shoulders apart as you dance with hands touching overhead. Then turn to the same position with arms on the side. A fair amount of space is essential for you to perform this exercise stunt.
  • Good Posture: Having a good posture is a need for this exercise, or else you can end up with injuries. For making the most of it, you must keep certain things in mind like aligning shoulder, spine, and hips, positioning your hands shoulder-width apart, bending your elbows and lower body towards the ground. Only by ensuring these steps, you can have a fantastic push-up session.
  • Cobra Pose: All you need to do is lie on the front with the hands on the side, place your hands on the ground under your shoulder, lift your chest by straightening your arms, and gaze upwards for 20 seconds holding the same position. Doing a few sets of these can help you burn a lot of calories.
  • Wall sit: This exercise needs real hard work and effort. First, you have to find a sturdy wall in the house to lean and then sit against it in a chair position for a while, placing your legs at a 90-degree angle. Keeping back straight, stay in that position for three minutes. It would help if you start with fewer sets, and then, later on, you may increase it depending on your comfort level.
  • Chair triceps dips: Lean on the edge of the chairwith the help of your arms. Stretch out your feet in front of you. Keep your legs straight. Lastly, lower your elbow to a 90-degree position and go back to the same position. As advised earlier, start with fewer repetitions, then you may increase as per your stamina.
  • Sit-Ups: This looks easy but requires a tremendous amount of effort. It would be best if you lie down on the floor, bend your legs, place feet firmly on the floor, cross your hand, put it behind your back, and later try to bring your upper body to touch your chin go back again.

By following the points mentioned earlier, you can easily cater to your workout needs. Though they may appear difficult to you at a glance after you get the grip, you can surely get away with it smoothly. As such, fitness enthusiasts can utilize lockdown to change the way they look.