Understanding Random Number Generation For Slot Machines


Gambling in Sweden is legal and regulated by the Swedish Gambling Ordinance. At a Swedish casino online utan konto, you can find multitudes of games such as slots, baccarat, poker, etc. Most beginners enjoy playing slots due to the simplicity. However, each game has its own gambling rules, and slots are no different.

To understand more about slots, it’s important to know about the machines’ random number generation. Don’t worry; our author, Amy Martinsson, an expert in guest post topics, has simplified this for you.


Random Number Generators (RNGs) are essential to the online gaming industry. RNG in casinos makes the games fair and fun to play. In a live land-based casino, you would have seen that a dealer shuffles the cards to select a random card. Similarly, the RNG uses a mathematical formula to shuffle them. This ensures that every card dealt, wheel spun, or dice rolled is entirely random.

Essentially, the RNG  ensures that every game or slot machine is fair. It avoids the house taking advantage of players and it prevents gamblers from cheating the machine as well.

Slot Machines

The RNG for slot machines generates a random number in a fraction of a second. This process is endless. This means, even when the device is not in use, it’s generating random numbers.

Unlike in real casinos where the players have to pull the machine’s handle to generate numbers, this happens round the clock in an online slot machine. This makes the numbers completely random. This works well for online casinos as the players can be ensured that there’s no partiality.

The random numbers are generated in the two following ways:

  • A physical factor outside the computer influences true random numbers. They take into account the “actual randomness” in the equation.
  • Pseudo-random numbers are alternative to actual random numbers as they don’t take into account the natural entropy. They use a computer algorithm and seed value. This is a speedy process that happens in milliseconds.

This is why luck is a vital factor in online casino games. The longer you play, the better your chances of winning. Of course, if the customers don’t win, they lose the incentive to play, and the casinos won’t earn profits.

This is why you should always play at a reputable online slot because they offer fair play. There’s a casino control board that runs tests and makes sure that there’s no cheating in this industry. They even check the computer software and the randomness of numbers generated.

When you hit the Spin option, you’ll get an instant outcome generated by the RNG. Don’t even try to predict the win because it’s not possible. Each spin is random and unrelated to the previous spin. When the numbers are generated to match your pay line, you get the payout.

How Do You Beat the RNG?

This is the real world, not a movie. Unfortunately, you can’t beat it as there’s no way to hack the software. You can’t influence the seed value or the outcomes. There’s no specific bet amount to set or select a particular sequence. You’ll only be wasting your time crunching numbers and getting nowhere.

Slot Timing

System clocks are some of the most common bases of the seed values used in RNGs. Every seed creates the same sequence of numbers or symbols. Taking the timing into account, you can find a pattern in the numbers. If you keep playing a particular game for a long time, you’ll be able to take advantage of this pattern. 

We hope you find this information helpful. Play safe with gambling sites incorporated under the Swedish State licenses. Enjoy!